A Guide to Watching the NDP Fireworks in Singapore for Free, 2018

NDP 2018, Fireworks Guide

As July draws to a close, August is creeping up close behind! Look forward to 2 public holidays in the month of August, with one of them being  THE LARGEST celebration in Singapore, National Day! Undeniably, the Nation’s big day comes with one of the largest fireworks display in Singapore. Indeed a day not to be missed. Here is A Guide to Watching the NDP Fireworks in Singapore for Free, 2018


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Location Heat Map

Kicking off A Guide to Watching the NDP Fireworks in Singapore for Free, 2018 with a location heat map. This would definitely come in handy while looking for the best place to camp out.


🔴  Jam-Packed

🔵  Able to swing your hands without hitting anyone

💚 Able to lie down  (and roll around) without hitting anyone

1. Merlion Park

The first of our Marina front view has to be Merlion Park. In addition to a Font Row view of the fireworks, look forward to an amazing view of the city skyline as fireworks illuminates the bay.


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Watch out for the Crowd

Photo taken from: www.thewackyduo.com

Fireworks View: 🎇🎇🎇🎇

Crowd: 👥👥👥

Comfort: 💺💺

🎆 Top Tip:  Get here wayyyyyy earlier to enjoy front row seats to the greatest fireworks show in Singapore.

2. Esplanade Drive & Queen Elizabeth Walk

The overflow of excited patrons will assemble along Esplanade Drive & Queen Elizabeth Walk. Be prepared to squeeze and stand for a couple of hours for a breathtaking show.


Photo taken from: www.theonlinecitizen.com

Photo taken from: www.timeout.com

Fireworks View: 🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇

Crowd: 👥👥👥

Comfort: 💺

3. The Promontory / The Lawn @ Marina Bay / MBS Bayfront Promenade

With the option to stand for a 10/10 view at The Promontory, or lounge on the grasslands (The Lawn @Marina Bay / MBS Bayfront Promenade). The Downtown Core promises a view like no other.

Photo taken from: The Promontory
Photo taken from: MBS Bayfront Promenade

Fireworks View: 🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇

Crowd: 👥👥👥

Comfort: 💺

4. Esplanade Roof Terrance

Arguably the best spot you’re looking for a balance of comfort + a great show.

Roll out your picnic mats for this is a great date night spot. Bask in the moonlight with some light snacks and prepare for a spectacle  

Photo taken from: https://www.broketourist.net
Photo taken from: © Erwin Soo/ Flickr

Fireworks View: 🎇🎇🎇🎇

Crowd: 👥👥

Comfort:  💺 💺 💺

🎆 Top Tip: The early birds get a picnic spot!

5. Event Plaza @ MBS

If you’re set on getting a front-row view of the fireworks, Events Plaza @ MBS would be an alternative location. Similar to The Merlion Park, Event Plaza @ MBS offers a panoramic view of the Fireworks + our amazing city skyline!

NDP-fireworks-venuerific-blog-event plaza-mbs
Photo taken from: www.straitstimes.com


Photo taken from: https://www.acdclighting.co.uk

6. Kallang Wave Mall

Trading away a front-row view for something more comfortable, we move away from the Marina/ Downtown core to the suburbs of Singapore.

Partial Fireworks View


Fireworks View: 🎇🎇🎇

Crowd: 👥

Comfort: 💺💺💺💺

A Guide to Watching the NDP Fireworks in Singapore for Free, 2018 will not be complete without the NDP Fireworks Schedule!
NDP Preview + Rehearsal: 28th July & 04 August
Actual Parade: 09 August

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