NDP 2020: 5 Different Ways to Celebrate National Parade 2020 at Home

In a blink of an eye, the National Day is here again. Are you wondering how old is Singapore in 2020? Well, we are celebrating SG55 this year! As you may have already known, we are celebrating National Day a little differently this year. Not only is this the first time the NDP Show will be moved indoors, we will literally be celebrating the nation’s birthday day-and-night now that the parade and show are separated into morning and evening broadcasts! With that said, if all you’re thinking of right now, is how to stay safe but still have a good time celebrating this important occasion, check out this ultimate list of 5 Different Ways to Celebrate National Parade 2020 at Home we have put together for you.

1. Watch The Parade Online

Image credit to ndp.gov.sg

NDP 2020 will be brought to every Singaporean’s home through the heartlands. You can enjoy it through live broadcasts on TV and other Digital platforms. The morning broadcast will start at 10:20 AM on August 9th with the Prime Minister’s National Day message and a parade at The Padang reviewed by the President. In the evening, be sure to tune in to the NDP2020 Show Broadcast, featuring performances by local artists including Dick Lee, Rebecca Lim and the singer of our NDP 2020 Theme Song, Nathan Hartono. This year, the NDP Evening show is also led by critically-acclaimed local film Director, Royston Tan, as the Creative Director. Hence, we are definitely excited to watch how his team convey Singaporeans’ stories amidst this difficult period, in the form of performances and short films. You can check out the more details on https://www.ndp.gov.sg/


2. Cooking Experiment

happy couple is cooking together for their ndp celebration

A weekend night out at home with friends, enjoying your own fruits of labour and a good bottle of wine may be the best way to relax for now, especially if you’re against standing in long queues for restaurants or shopping malls. So, why not have an NDP Cookout at home?

Invite a few friends over (less than 5), tune in to the NDP Evening Show, then put on your aprons and go wild with your cooking experiments. Not only will you be able to create your own unique healthy meal, but you can also cultivate the sense of togetherness around your friends or family. 

Pro tip: Plan your shopping list in advance so you can get all your ingredients delivered before D-Day. Head on straight to Lesipi to find and compare the prices for all the ingredients you need for your cooking adventure!


3. Have a Virtual Call With Your Family and Friends

Another idea of how you can celebrate NDP 2020 together with your family or friends from home is through Virtual Calls. The Virtual Background, powered by Venuerific created a special edition of animated virtual background for NDP 2020, which allows you to feel the euphoria of the largest fireworks display in Singapore right at home! The Virtual Background is compatible with most of the virtual call’s platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, and Cisco Webex, Download it for FREE without watermark here. To complete the virtual celebrations, waves use the handheld flag, use the face tattoos, and enjoy the snack & canned drinks from the NDP 2020 fun packs as your props.


4. Zoom into History

zoom into history event featuring the artefacts

Image credit to National Museum of Singapore

If objects could speak, what would they say? To celebrate this NDP 2020, National Museum of Singapore came up with a unique virtual event where you can have virtual sessions and interact with their artefacts as these objects highlight their place in Singapore’s history. The upcoming session is on August 8th and August 9th, 2020 at 3 PM and 3:30 PM with limited slots or you can watch the live sessions on their Facebook page. To book your session, click here. It’s FREE and all you need to do is register.


5. Art and Virtual Experience

the exterior of the Gallery's veiled canopy facing the Padang will feature projections of 60 original artworks by artists in Singapore

Image credit to National Gallery Singapore

Miss your trips to the historical site or wanna have an online art session from the expert? Get your daily art and virtual experience together wherever you are with National Gallery Singapore. Enjoy their special digital art programs and exhibitions and let art support SG! For more info, click here.

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