National Day 2023 in Singapore Activities, Parade, Staycations, and More

National Day 2023 Singapore shot of museum of Singapore and a group of friends celebrating

Welcome to the vibrant and spirited celebration of National Day 2023 in Singapore! This momentous occasion marks a time of national pride and unity as we commemorate the nation’s independence. Prepare to be captivated by a myriad of activities, the grand National Day Parade, exciting staycation experiences, and more.

1. National Day Parade

Majulah Singapura signage on a building and a group of performers for National Day 2023 Singapore
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Attending the National Day Parade 2023 is perfect for Singaporeans keen on experiencing national pride in person. The parade features a wide array of performances, including military displays, cultural dances, music, and fireworks (which we’ll discuss more later). Every year, it showcases Singapore’s diverse cultural heritage and the talents of its people, providing an opportunity to appreciate the country’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Moreover, for 2023, the NDP theme “Onward As One” rallies Singaporeans to face the future with confidence and unity, as they collectively forge their path towards a shared destiny. “Onward” symbolises Singapore’s unwavering determination and adaptability in the face of whatever obstacles lie ahead. The main event will be held at Padang and the official National Day Parade 2023 site also teases NDP events in Heartland. Plan your weekend around the National Day Parade activities in Singapore!

2. Watch National Day Fireworks

Fireworks display view from a height in front of Marina Bay
Image from Pan Pacific Singapore

While the National Day Parade 2023 includes fireworks, enjoying them has become an entire league of its own. These draw cheering crowds, colourful displays, and a festive ambiance that can be enjoyed with family and friends annually. Here are some of the top spots and packages that you can book to enjoy the fireworks away from the busy parade itself:

  • National Day Fireworks Package 2023 at Pan Pacific Singapore:  Watch the fireworks from a spectacular view while staying in one of the hotel’s luxury rooms. These rooms are available for booking during the National Day Parade Preview on July 22, July 29, and August 5, 2023, as well as the National Day Parade on August 9, 2023. All bookings come with a complimentary breakfast for up to two adults.
  • Skyline National Day Celebration with the PARKROYAL COLLECTION at Marina Bay: Enjoy spectacular fireworks over the iconic Marina Bay this National Day, from the comfort and privacy of their Signature Marina Bay room.
  • Mount Faber Peak:  Home of the iconic Singapore Cable Car since 1974, Mount Faber Peak provides an exceptional vantage point for enjoying the fireworks on National Day. Situated at 100 metres above sea level, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Singapore harbour. Contact Mount Faber Peak to learn more about their National Day 2023 plans!

3. Enjoy Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea Japanese food set

Add a twist to the usual National Day 2023 practices and enjoy some afternoon tea with Intercontinental Singapore. Their “Flavours of Japan Afternoon Tea” is available from July 1st until August 30th. Inspired by the hues and tastes of summer, this has dishes such as a delicate teapot-shaped tart filled with Hojicha Jivara chocolate mousse and a yuzu cold crème brulée with goma royaltine (among other savoury dishes). Book the Intercontinental Singapore for your National Day 2023 holiday.

4. Plan a Pre and Post National Day Party

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Situated conveniently at the heart of Singapore’s MacPherson, THE OUTSET offers the ideal fusion of industrial and minimalist elegance. Boasting a spacious 4300 square feet loft with exposed ceilings, polished concrete floors, and neutral white walls, the venue exudes a remarkable versatility that allows boundless opportunities for creativity, indulgence, and jubilation.

For National Day, The Outset is holding a special promo for events (scheduled until October) booked by August 2023. If you have a big event coming up, the earlier the better. Moreover, if you have a small event coming up soon: better late than never. Check out The Outset now!

5. Take a Day Trip

Sentosa Island pool and activities and shot of National Museum of Singapore

If you need to reconnect with your roots, taking a day trip is another fun way to celebrate National Day 2023. This season can be an opportunity to explore different parts of Singapore. You can visit popular attractions, iconic landmarks, or venture into neighbourhoods that are hosting special events or activities.

Some areas you can look into include: 

  • Sentosa Island
  • Heartland Communities 
  • Museums (ArtScience Museum, Asian Civilisations Museum, National Museum of Singapore, National Gallery Singapore) 

6. Dine with your Family

Family having a meal together

Whatever you end up doing on National Day 2023, we know that it will end with a meal with the family. As a food-city, however, it’s hard to choose where to go—we’ve got you!

Here are our top picks for restaurants to visit for National Day 2023 in Singapore:


Tablescape strikes the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, presenting a fusion of timeless European culinary traditions and contemporary dining sensibilities. All of this is set in a beautifully designed space, nestled in the heart of Singapore’s city center. Book with Tablescape from Grand Park City Hall Singapore today!