6 Unique Team Bonding Activities for Corporates, Schools, Families & Friends

Everyone, regardless of age can definitely relate to the time when you had to be seated in a circle, either surrounded by your colleagues from different departments or your schoolmates from different classes at 8am in the morning. “Ice Breaker” Games would kick things off followed by an Amazing Race Challenge, if you’re lucky. Otherwise, it would just be a series of in-house obstacle courses. We’re here to suggest the 6 Unique Team Bonding Activities for Corporates, Schools, Families & Friends.

1. The Fragment Room

Stressed out? Smash it out at Southeast Asia’s first rage room in Singapore! We all have those difficult clients who are giving you a hard time or the never-ending piling up of work that have been taking a toll on you and your colleagues. What better way to bond than to vent out life’s frustrations at The Fragment Room! Let out your inner frustrations and take a break from this fast-paced environment with this unique anger therapy session!

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2. DIY Go-Kart/Raft

Go-Karting or Rafting can be fun as a team-bonding activity but what if you could take it up a notch? Build your own Go-Kart or Raft with your team and race! All you need are scrap materials, adhesives, paint, creativity and each other! Line your karts up on the starting line  with other the teams and get ready to race your DIY karts!

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3. Bounce Inc

Bring out the inner child in you and your team with an adrenaline packed arena filled with…… trampolines! Challenge yourselves in Singapore’s first indoor adventure course, X-Park & Leap of Faith! A mix of recreation, fun & fitness all in one. Expect some sweat and HEAPS of fun & laughter! It’s like a childhood dream come true!

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4. Minute to Win It

This popular game show consists of a plethora of games that have to be completed within a minute. They’re friendly yet highly competitive team games that test your focus, teamwork and determination as an individual and as a group. Conduct your own version of ‘Minute to Win It’ that would be a sure-fire hit amongst your colleagues. Here’s a compiled list of games and simple instructions to follow!

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5. Virtual Room

Have an experience like no other as soon as you put the VR (Virtual Reality) gear on. Step into a realm of virtual reality with your team and complete tricky tasks and challenges along the way. An immersive experience that would force your team to work together while having the utmost amusement. It’s like being sucked into a digital game, in real life! Bringing to you a collaborative VR experience that would allow teams to play at once in a 45-minute gaming experience.

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6. Candle Making Workshop

Why buy a candle when you can learn how to craft your own with the perfect scent? Mingle with your team and indulge in an assortment of fragrances. Learn about the different types of waxes available to make your candles. Scented candles not only set the ideal mood in the atmosphere, it also helps capture a sentiment you wish to express. Couple that with a quote to match for the colleague you’d be gifting this to.

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Otherwise, find out whom amongst your team share similar scent preferences to you. Some studies even show that the scents you are drawn to have a direct inter-relation with your personality. Do you share the same personality as your friends or colleagues?

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