Unique Invitations and Quirky Gifts for Bridal Shower

Hey bride-to-be! Go have some fun with your bestiesย before the โ€œI DOโ€ day happens! Make the party as perfect as you can with the design and decor that represents your personality and tie the theme together with your wedding! If you are too busy and want your friend to read and help you plan, share the article with her so she knows what you want ๐Ÿ™‚ Venuerific presents special recommendations of unique invitation and quirky gifts forย bridal shower are here for theย bride-to-be.

Unique Invitations for the Bridal Shower

Sephora Invitation:

sephora theme bridal shower invitation

(Photo Credit : Lilbibby)

sephora theme food idea for bridal shower party

(Photo Credit : Karaโ€™s Party Ideas)

wilshire, bridal shower venue jakarta

(Perfect Location : Wilshire)

Are you a cosmeticsย fanatic? Using Sephoraโ€™s simple colors such as black and white and adding a touch of pink may just be the right concept for you. This type of bridal shower invitation would be a cool idea. Black and white background gives a chic look. Pink and gold font colors will make it look more girly and young yet maintains an elegance. The perfect venue for this party would be Wilshire, Indonesia!ย 

Movie Theme Invitation:

sexy in the city theme for bridal shower party

(Photo Credit : Invitation Box)

cocktail table bridal shower party

(Photo Credit : The Perfect Palette)

cool rooftop bar in jakarta for bridal shower party

(Perfect Location : Bart, Artotel Thamrin)

Need a quirky and exciting theme for your bridal shower party invitation? There are several interesting action and fantasy movie options that you can use, like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or even Avengers ! Sexy in The City is another option for you who are a sucker for romantic comedy movies. You will be star of this movie! โ€œStarring the hot brideโ€ย  Soft pink font colors over a background of dark hues of blue and purple makes the invitation look glamorous with a city life vibe.ย 

A Tea Bag Invitation:

diy tea bag bridal shower invitation idea

(Photo Credit : Oh So Beautiful Paper)

tea time and dessert idea for bridal shower party

(Photo Credit : Design My Night)

the hermitage, bridal shower party venue jakarta

(Perfect Location : Lโ€™Avenue Restaurant, The Hermitage Hotel)

Where there is tea, there is a love. Are you a reserved bride who wants an intimate celebration? Then hold a tea party with just your best friend.ย  Simple yet thats all the love you need when you have your main-girl by your side. Make it more memorable by DIYing an invitation. A tea bag!ย  Itโ€™s not just a humongous tea bag design but you can also fill it with the finest camomile or your girlโ€™s favorite tea.ย  She wouldnโ€™t lose this invitation but indulge in it:)

French Floral Invitation:

french style bridal shower invitation simple

(Photo Credit : Beacon Lane)

french decor bridal shower

(Photo Credit : Bridal Musings)

bistronomy, bridal shower party venue jakarta

(Perfect Location : Bistronomy)

Lโ€™amour lโ€™emporte means love wins. Love can win everything in your life, thatโ€™s the fact. Cherish the love of your friends who stood by you even if you were an awkward turtle or an emotional wreck. A touch of French in your bridal shower party invitation gives a romantic vibe and every girlfriend would want to be a part of this party. Choose beige and off-white palette with beautiful backdrops of white wild flowers. Simple, sweet & romantic.ย 

A Turquoise Box Invitation:

Turquoise bridal shower invitation

(Photo Credit : Oh So Beautiful Paper)

Turquoise decoration for bridal shower party

(Photo Credit : Glamour and Grace)

bridal shower bali venue, samabe

(Perfect Location : Rempah-Rempah Restaurant, Samabe Bali Suites & Villas)

Friendship, loyalty, and creativity are symbolized by the color turquoise. Send that messages to your closest people by using this concept for your unique bridal shower invitation. You can write your special message to them and all the other details from dress code to the menu. To make the invitation more suspensive, a simple ribbon can be used to tie the box ๐Ÿ™‚

Quirky Gifts for a Bride or a Bridesmaid

Garden in Tin:

quirky gift for bridal shower, garden in a can

(Photo Credit : Uncommon Goods)

What a great idea. We do not have a big garden or a veranda to build our dream garden. But you can bring the garden indoors into your house. Gift this โ€œGarden in a canโ€ and spread the awareness of such a cool concept. Such small little gestures can create a huge movement. Support go green activities babes, for us to have fresher air and earth to live & breed. Gift it to your squad!

ย Hammer for Her:

unique invitation and quirky gifts for bridal shower, custom hammer

(Photo Credit : Good Housekeeping)

Thinking of a unique gift for your bride to be friend? โ€œHammeredโ€ means very drunk. This could be a pun intended gift, your way of conveying her being โ€œdrunk in loveโ€ haha. You can perk it up by adding sweet, motivational quotes that would push her during the tough days ahead. Or maybe even become a weapon (Just kidding!) But come on, isnโ€™t this an eccentric yet a cool gift.

Granola Bag:

quirky gift for bridal shower, healthy food granola

(Photo Credit : Martha Stewart Weddings)

Hey bride-to-be, you can also give something special to your squad in your bridal shower party! Like this granola bag. It showers the body with benefits such as increasing blood and oxygen flow, boosting the immune system and keeping the youth glow on your face by reducing the pace of premature aging and wrinkles! And also helps her to reduce the little belly pooch to slip into her bridesmaid dress effortlessly. Perfect ainโ€™t it!

Doughnutย Beach Towel:

quirky gift for bridal shower, unique beach towel

(Photo Credit : Find Me a Gift)

Beach days = Best days ! Whether for a weekend break or a long haul holiday, you can give this cute gift for your bride squad or even bride-to-be for her honeymoon. Sun tanning under the Sun on a cute donut towel. Soft on the skin, stops the sticky annoyance of the sand and she can even simply wrap it around her after a dip.ย Donโ€™t forget your sunscreen ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

Emergency Beauty Kit:

quirky gift for bridal shower, beauty kit

(Photo Credit : Evermine)

We all need this little thing in our bags. Beauty emergency could happen anytime and we need to be prepared yeah! Nail polish, lipstick, brow gel, face powder, mascara.. all in one tiny cute container or pouch. Express your love to your bestie by giving it out to them and give glam-squad goals!

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