The Perfect Flowers For Your Wedding – According To Your Characteristics

From the first date to the proposal, flowers have made moments beautiful by silently conveying love. Imagine a backyard, room, sanctuary or the aisle surrounded by flowers in your wedding. Flowers instantly and effortlessly brighten up the place, the bride and even her bridesmaids. This beautiful gift from nature is all that you would need to create your “The Perfect Wedding”. Find out The Perfect Flower For Your Wedding According To Your Characteristics ??

1) The Little Miss Sunshine

  • Sunflower

  • Dutch Tulips

Laughter and happiness comes together with her. She is all about being cheerful and finds the joy in giving people a rush of endorphins. Such a personality should be surrounded and adorned by fresh bright blooms and you cannot go wrong with Sunflowers & Dutch Tulips. Sunflower follows the life-giving rays of the Sun, reflecting its warmth and remains radiant. Dutch Tulips, full & colorful flowers signify “perfect love” which is what this woman is made of.

2) The Old-Soul

  • Baby’s Breath

  • Queen Anne’s Lace

The religious, devoted and sound human being. She shows her utmost sincerity for knowledge, wisdom and truth. Her main pursuits are filling the earth with love and peace. She would not even move her pinky if she does not see a purpose or long-term commitment in every aspect of her life. Baby’s breath and Queen Anne’s Lace signifies everlasting love, innocence and purity which is what this woman is made of. A delicate exterior but a stern and strong interior.

3) The Queen of Hearts

  • Roses

  • Peonies

This woman is all about fashion and glamour. She is a diva who steals the limelight and has got people taking secretive glances at her all the time. She captures and captivates the attention just like the bright red roses. A strong demeanor with full of elegance and sass. Peonies are lush and full rounded blooms that signifies romance and you are in for one of a kind rollercoaster- fairytale with this lady.

4) The Plain Jane

  • Daisies

  • Cosmos

Simple yet a lovable charming persona. This woman is all about simplicity and comfort comes first. She loves simple pleasures in life such as digging herself in a book, sipping coffee, nature and everything that is raw and authentic. Her down to earth and diligent nature has a strong magnetic effect on people. Daisies are admired for its simplicity and cosmos signify modesty which are a perfect reflection of this effortless beauty.

5) The Artsy Hipster

  • Celosia

  • Succulent

An independent thrill-seeker is the definition of this woman. She appreciates the rusticity of antiques and old grandpa’s watch. At the same time she is an urban junky who loves the modern contemporary transformation of the arts, architecture, culture and basically the living. She knows the world and she appreciates the man who appreciates her freedom, space & independence. Celosia and succulents resemble the unique beauty she is.

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