7 Different Pinterest-Inspired Themes for Weddings

feature image pinterest inspired wedding theme

Deciding on a wedding theme isn’t easy! With so many options out there and thousands of inspiration on Pinterest, you might be stuck on which wedding theme you should go for. But fret not, today we’ve got 7 Different Pinterest-Inspired Themes (and even more wedding flowers Singapore) for you to choose from and have put together Pinterest boards for you! Scroll down to plan your dream day! 

1. Garden & Floral 

collage with flowers and wedding arches

If you love being outdoors in nature and have always dreamed about wanting a garden-themed wedding filled with your favourite flowers, then you might want to consider this theme! Whether it’s incorporating that in your wedding arches, or having floral arrangements spread across your guest tables. The skies the limit when it comes to having a Garden & Floral Wedding Theme  

A venue that would go perfectly with this theme is SIRI House – The Solemnization Ceremony at The Backyard! It’s outdoor venue with lush greenery would definitely compliment your floral theme very well. 

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2. Beach 

collage with beach table arrangements and flower arches

Nothing is more relaxing than hearing the sound of crashing waves and watching the sunset at the beach. If that sounds like something you enjoy, then a beach wedding would be perfect for you! Almost any set up would look absolutely breathtaking at the beach! If you would like to keep things simple – string some fairy lights and light some candle lamps along the aisle. Alternatively, you can always spice things up by adding more floral arrangements around the venue! C-side would definitely be the beach venue you want to check out if you’re planning a beach wedding! 

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3. Rustic 

collage with fairy lights and rustic cakes

Thinking of going for a rustic themed wedding? Incorporate lots of wood and warm tones when you’re decorating the venue! Rustic themed weddings don’t have to be complicated! Even small details like having a semi-naked cake could add to the rustic feels of your wedding! One easy way to create a rustic theme wedding is booking venues such as Reddot Brewhouse – Colonial Wedding Bliss. Venues with interiors that already have lots of wood elements, would definitely elevate the look of your rustic theme wedding! 

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4. Vintage 

collage with vintage sofa and music player

Are you someone who always gravitates towards all things vintage? Then you should definitely have a vintage theme wedding! Whether it’s adorning the place with vintage record players, suitcase or even tea set. Decorate the place with these timeless pieces that are sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia. A venue that will unquestionably tie in this theme is the Blue Room at The Arts House with its white interior with Corinthian columns. Discover more inspiration for your Vintage theme wedding down at our Pinterest Link.  

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5. Minimalistic 

collage with white chairs and tableware

If you’re a firm believer of ‘less is more’, a minimalistic theme would certainly be right up your alley! Opt for white coloured furnishing from chairs to cloths that drapes over the table. If you’re looking to add a splash of colour, go for muted colour tones or add some foliage for a touch of nature! Look no further than The Secret Patio if you’re looking to go for a minimalistic look. It’s all white interior is the perfect setting for your wedding! 

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