5 Fun Pinterest-Inspired Themes for Birthday

fun pinterest inspired theme birthday

Planning a birthday celebration soon but not sure how to go about it? Whether you are hosting a surprise birthday for your loved one or searching for what birthday theme to go for, fret not! Today, we’ve gathered 5 different themes with a curated Pinterest board you can choose from along with suitable venues in Hong Kong where you can draw more inspiration from! Scroll down to find your dream theme!

1. Tropical 

tropical theme birthday party

You can never go wrong with a Tropical Birthday Party! An easy way to host a Tropical Party is to include loads of refreshing tropical fruits, whether it’s a fruit punch or putting together a fruit platter. As for decorations, make sure to include lots of foliage and pops of bright colours. A perfect venue to fit the Tropical Themed Party will be VIBES! Surrounded by lush greeneries, its relaxed atmosphere will be an exceptional venue for your party! Discover more about VIBES.

Tropical Birthday Party Pinterest Board 

2. Garden

garden theme birthday party

If you love being in the park or love flowers, then a Garden Birthday Party might be for you! You can start by picking out your favourite flowers and pair them with some foliage. A simple way to incorporate it into your party is by decorating it across the table or having it as a centrepiece on your dessert table! The skies are the limit when it comes to a Garden Party and if you’re looking for a venue, you gotta check out The Peak Lookout’s outdoor area! Find out more about The Peak Lookout!

Garden Birthday Party Pinterest Board

3. Minimalistic

minimalistic theme birthday party

Looking for a more fuss-free option? Then you should try a Minimalistic Birthday Party and keep it as simple as you wish it to be! But if you’d still like to have a few decorations to personalise your party, go with a single colour palette like white, that would tie everything else together! A venue you’d definitely want to check out is Castellana Restaurant, where you’d get to book their private room with a minimalistic interior. Perfect for a small and intimate party with your friends!

Minimalistic Birthday Party Pinterest Board

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