Venuerific Wheel of Joy: Enquire, Spin, and Win!

venuerific wheel of joy

Christmas is only days away! To celebrate the best time of the year, Venuerific is going to give you a chance to win wonderful prizes by spinning the Venuerific Wheel of Joy starting from 6 December until 20 December 2021! Simply send an enquiry to any venue and you can spin the wheel right away! The lucky winner will get exclusive discount codes, cash vouchers, free experiences, dining vouchers and more! Here are the easy steps on how to get the prize:

how to spin Venuerific Wheel of Joy

Find your venue using our smart search feature, send the enquiry, claim your chance to win the prize, wait for it to arrive – as easy as that! Check out down below to see the prizes!

1. 50% off your cart from Kitsune Keki

Kitsune Keki - Venuerific Wheel of Joy

Image credit to Kitsune Keki

Made with fresh and most premium ingredients, all the cakes from Kitsune Keki taste as good as they look. These aesthetically pleasing cakes are perfect to be your dessert on your upcoming Christmas dinner! From Yoghurt Mousse Cake to Japanese Basque Burnt Cheesecake, spin the Wheel of Joy and get a 50% discount off your entire cart at Kitsune Keki!

2. 10% discount for any purchase from The Jomu Co

Personalised gift from The Jomu Co

Image credit to The Jomu Co

Looking for the perfect gift for your friends and family? Whether it’s for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, father’s day, or other occasions, a personalised gift will never go wrong! For those of you who are currently planning on your wedding, you can also find wedding signages and decorations at The Jomu Co. Create your own gorgeous personalised gift box, calligraphy gifts, and other essentials at The Jomu Co and get 10% off your purchase by spinning the Wheel of Joy!

3. Free Melt & Pour Soap Making Class from Sugar & Spice

Handcrafted Soap from Sugar & Spice Melt & Pour Class

Image credit to Sugar & Spice

Perfect for all ages, learn how to make your own natural soap by trying out the easy-to-learn Melt & Pour Soap at Sugar & Spice! In this class, you’re going to learn all the basic knowledge you need to know to make handcrafted soap, including layering and crystal colouring techniques. Spin the Wheel of Joy and enjoy a free experience of Melt & Pour Class at Sugar & Spice now!

4. $35 voucher from Chatsworth Cookies

Christmas Special Box of Cookies from Chatsworth Cookies - Venuerific Wheel of Joy

Image credit Chatsworth Cookies

Who doesn’t love perfectly balanced thick and gooey cookies? Chatsworth Cookies offer you a range of delicious New York style cookies such as Triple Dark Chocolate, Walnut Chocolate Chip, Matcha White Chocolate, and Oatmeal Raisins. For this season, Chatsworth Cookies has prepared many special treats for you! Including Gingerbread House Kits, Starry Night Cookies, and a beautiful Christmas special packaging, perfect for Christmas gifts! Spin the Wheel of Joy now and get a $35 discount off your purchase!

5. $15 off your purchase from Terra & Ember

pottery class at Terra & Ember - Venuerific Wheel of Joy

Image credit to Terra & Ember

Terra & Ember is the coziest pottery studio you can find in Singapore where you can find stunning ceramic art and learn how to make it yourself! Their Wheel Throwing Workshop is perfect for those of you who are looking for a new hobby to start the new year. Other than that, you can purchase their stunning crafted wares, from mugs, bowls, and plant pots! Perfect for a Christmas gift for your family! Get $15 off your purchase of any product and service on Terra & Ember!

6. Free bottles of juice from J3 Premium Cold Pressed Juice

Flavours of J3 Juices - Venuerific Wheel of Joy

Image credit to J3 Cold Pressed Juice

It’s the end of the month and it is best to get rid of all of the built up toxins inside our body, especially after having a Christmas feast. J3 Cold Pressed Juice offers you a wide range of juice packages for all kinds of needs. Including Detox Juice Cleanse, Protein Pack, Anti-Inflammatory Power Shots, Skin Rejuvenating Bundle, Anti-Oxidant Bundle, and many more! Spin the Wheel of Joy and get up to 8 free bottles of juice by purchasing any package of J3 Cold Pressed Juice!

7. $5 voucher code from Conspicuous Scents

Beeswax candles from Conspicuous Scents

Image credit to Conspicuous Scents

Start your new year with an environment that will soothe your mind and make you feel calm, relaxed and rejuvenated, by lighting up the stunning curated candles from Conspicuous Scents. Beeswax candles from Conspicuous Scents are also perfect for a Christmas gift! Get $5 off your purchase on Conspicuous Scents by spinning the Wheel of Joy!

8. 25% discount of Bon Choc‘s Christmas collection

Image credit to Bon Choc

Celebrate this festive season with more sweetness! Handcrafted with love and premium premium ingredients, chocolates from Bon Choc are the perfect gift for this year’s Christmas celebration. Spin the Wheel of Joy to get 25% discount on Bon Choc’s signature Assorted Chocolate Boxes and the limited edition Oreo Pops in Santa’s Boots!

9. $50 dining voucher from Komma

Desserts at Komma Cafe

Image credit to Komma

More than just an event space, Komma is a social café for you to create moments with everyone over some delicious coffee and desserts. From fudgy brownie, burnt cheesecake, and lattes, everything is ready to accompany your evening with your friends and family. Spin the Wheel of Joy and get $50 off of your dining experience at Komma at PLQ Mall!

10. $50 venue discount from One Sixty

Spacious Event Space at One Sixty

If you’re looking for a venue to celebrate your Christmas party, One Sixty is the answer! One Sixty is a luxurious private event space for any kind of event, from private parties, wedding, birthday parties, video shoot, photoshoot, and more. Send your enquiry to any venue now and get a $50 discount for your next booking at One Sixty for your next event!

11. $20 discount from Mosanco Café

Image credit to Mosanco Cafe

Wanting to celebrate your Christmas and new year by having dinner at a cafe? Spin the Wheel of Joy now and win a $20 discount for your dining experience at Mosanco Cafe. Enjoy a wide range of delicious Western and Asian cuisine at Mosanco Cafe for your Christmas feast!

What are you waiting for? Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for your friend, send your enquiry now and celebrate your Christmas with all of these wonderful prizes. This celebration only lasts from 6 December to 20 December 2021 with limited prizes!

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