7 Best Event Spaces for Birthday Parties in Hong Kong

Throwing a birthday party is an exciting affair! After all, you are spending a day of fun with all your closest family and friends. If you are looking for a unique venue to best accommodate everyone, you’re at the right place!

No more squeezy staycations or a typical night out at the pub. Book one of these lively event spaces and be prepared to make memories that will last for a lifetime! These are the 7 Best Event Spaces For Birthday Parties in Hong Kong.

1. Strokes

neon lit party room in hong kong birthday party hong kong

hong kong birthday party event space

Image Credit to Strokes

 If you want a lively and fun birthday party, you got to consider Strokes! Strokes has everything a birthday party needs – yummy food complemented by your favourite drinks and a myriad of entertainment features such as minigolf and arcade machines. As a host, it’s an indescribable feeling to watch your guests have a good time! With customisable mood lighting to amp up the party atmosphere, Strokes is definitely one of the best event spaces for birthday parties out there. Find out more about Strokes here! 

Address: Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Kingston St, HK 香港島 Fashion Walk G2-3, 1/F, 9

Capacity: 12 - 300 paxhong 

2. Master Club

birthday party room hong kong hong kong birthday party room ideas classy lounge for parties in hong kong

Image Credit to Master Club Hong Kong

If you are going to celebrate, do it right by throwing a luxurious party at Master Club Hong Kong! With its Victorian-style set-up to mimic a cosy home, this classy lounge space is all about an intimate yet grand celebration. We know that planning a birthday party should be enjoyable and not something to stress about. Hence, you may let their dedicated event specialists take over and deliver a stunning birthday celebration of your dreams! What are you waiting for? Discover more about this event space here!

Address: 3/F, 507 Lockhart Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Capacity: 1 - 40 pax

3. Tiki Tiki Bowling Bar

tiki tiki bar for birthday parties in hong kong teenage birthday party ideas hong kong

Image Credit to Tikit Tiki Bowling Bar

There’s no better occasion than your birthday to celebrate in one of the tiki bars of Hawaii! The Tiki Tiki Bowling Bar is a unique event space in Hong Kong that has authentic tiki bar decor. Of course, we cannot miss out on their delicious island drinks to complete the island party vibe. As you sip on your Mai Tai, engage in a friendly game of bowling with your best friends. The Tiki Tiki Bowling Bar brings out the best elements of a birthday party- having fun with your best friends! Find out more here today!

Address: 4/F Centro, 1A Chui Tong Rd, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Capacity: 50 - 500 pax

4. Auxano House

party room hong kong birthday parties hong kong
Image Credit to Auxano House

Ever got reminded to keep your volume down by the hotel staff because you were laughing too loudly with your friends? Erase that worry with the Auxano House and have fun to your heart’s content! Auxano House is an entertainment-filled, cosy event space for a night of games and laughter! With a variety of board games and console games, they even offer professional photography services for you to preserve those wonderful memories forever. Discover more about this space here!

Address: 608 Castle Peak Rd, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong

Capacity: 30 - 50 pax


open air party room hong kong barbecue on the roof at hong kong

Image Credit to HOUS

Have you ever wanted to experience how it felt like to have an open-air barbeque dinner? With the cool breeze gently fanning you and the charcoal, the tantalising barbeque smell excites you each time you get a whiff of it. For your birthday this year, consider having an intimate barbeque session under the stars, surrounded by your closest friends and family. Their charming rooftop garden and interior further accentuates the cosy environment. Discover more!

Address: 522 Lockhart Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Capacity: 2 - 50 pax

6. String Champagne Club

karaoke party room hong kong karaoke party room hong kong for birthday parties

Image Credit to String Champagne Club

Rated as one of the Hong Kong Best Bars by Hong Kong Tatler for four years straight, let yourself go for one night and indulge in their extensive and rare selection of champagne. Their cosy private rooms are fully equipped with karaoke systems for you to sing your hearts out. They even have pool tables, electronic darts and gaming console systems such as Wii and Xbox. Discover more today!

Address: 165-171 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Capacity: 30 - 50 pax

7. Inakaya 

japanese restaurant for birthday parties in hong kong birthday party with a view

Image Credit to Inakaya

Inakaya comes with two types of feasts – one for your tastebuds and another one for your eyes. You get to dine on their gloriously delicious Japanese cuisine such as their A4 Wagyu beef and premium sushi while admiring Hong Kong’s skyline from the 101st floor of the International Commerce Centre. Inakaya promises a memorable celebration with its dazzling views and epicurean dishes that will leave you wanting for more. Discover more today!

Address: 1 Austin Rd W, West Kowloon, Hong Kong

Capacity: 122 pax

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