6 Funny Virtual Backgrounds for Your Next Meeting

dog in car looking out of window

We are officially halfway through 2020 and by now, almost everyone in the world is probably used to having their laptops as their ‘next best friends’. From work meetings, townhalls, webinars, to private gatherings with friends and family, web call apps like Zoom or Google Meets have become indispensable to our daily social interactions. 

While many are slowly accepting the fact that the folks at work now know the layout of your room and the bedsheet design you like, there are still thousands of those who are sick of this unintentional invasion of privacy. Well, if you’re looking for a solution to that, then you’re in luck!

We are excited to introduce our new funny Animated Virtual Background collection to spice up your daily virtual calls and we have compiled the best 6 Funny Virtual Backgrounds for Your Next Meeting.

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1. Engines Woofing

Let’s start from the cutest one! And no doubt, animals always make it on top of our list!

Vroom..vroom! This funny and furry friend of ours is heading out for a spin, let’s catch one last glimpse to bid goodbye before we focus on our meeting, or can we?

Get everyone distracted, download Engines Woofing here.

2. Dog in a Car

If there is one visual that can accompany Taylor Swift’s latest album, ‘folklore’, it would be this Frenchie staring out the car window, being sentimental as the wind blows on his face and the memories of his non-existent relationship with his girlfriend back at the park comes along, all too vividly. 

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3. Shark Attack

Well, it’s not all cute, no harm in the animal kingdom. Sometimes, you need to resort to ‘shock tactic’ to fish for everyone’s attention in the meeting. This Shark Attack Virtual Background would definitely do the trick, but beware, things do get bloody here.

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4. Work that Body

Can’t find more excuses to explain why you’re not exercising? Well, simply state your stance about working out with this Virtual Background. They can get all the answers they want from our home-athlete’s face.

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5. Bloody Mary

With the usual Bloody Mary, your body may feel hot after a few sips, but this version of Bloody Mary is definitely what you have in mind. Whether Halloween’s coming or not, there is no harm ‘scarring’ your colleagues or friends a little during your virtual calls. 

Just for fun, download Bloody Mary here.

BONUS: Chicago Bean

If you think this is just another touristy spot in the City of Pizza, then you are wrong! Here’s a funny variation of a hungry Dino wreaking havoc in the city for the best slice of pie. Make this your Virtual Background for your next meeting with new networks and it will be the best ice breaker you can have.

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