Create Your Very Own Custom Animated Virtual Backgrounds – Just follow these simple steps!

Most companies have made working from home the standard practice during this pandemic while many are even looking to continuing this trend past the stipulated periods.  

As some companies have even declared working from home till next year, virtual backgrounds have become not only popular but almost necessary. You probably understand why because we are quite sure you have already seen some funny and even embarrassing videos of people in meetings with everything from messy houses to hyperactive kids to half-dressed partners in the background. 

The Virtual Background, powered by Venuerific already offers so many captivating animated virtual backgrounds to choose from but now, you can take it a step further by getting yourself a fully Custom Animated Virtual Background. Just follow these simple steps!


1. Go to the Custom Backgrounds Page

Visit The Virtual Background site and go to the Custom Backgrounds page. You can choose to view the custom backgrounds we have made for others on our Portfolio page or have a look at our Package Pricing if you would like more than one custom background. 


2. Scroll down to the Custom Animated Virtual Background form

Scroll down the page to the Custom Animated Virtual Background form that is right at the bottom of the page. Be sure to read up the rest of the details as you scroll through.


3. Fill in your details

Fill in the following information:

– Your Name

– Email Address

– Company Name 

– URL to your business page which will be converted into a QR code

– Your Full Name and Designation as you would like them to appear on your custom background


4. Add images of your preferred background and company logo

Select and upload the background image you wish to use and your company logo. Upload them before you proceed to place your order.


5. Place your order and wait to receive your virtual background via email.

Place your order, make the payment and wait to receive your confirmation email.


You are just 24 hours away from your very own Custom Animated  Virtual Background!

Stand out from the crowd with your very own animated background featuring your brand logo, colours and more! With just a quick scan of your QR code, anyone can easily access your landing pages for better conversion rates. From sales meetings, product launches to any corporate event, this can be easily customised to make your brand rise above the competition. Discover how you can use your customised animated virtual background with Google Meet and other platforms here!


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