Animated Virtual Backgrounds For 10 Types of Online Event

The popularity of online events have skyrocketed alongside the growing number of such events. The Internet has also gotten creative with what you can do online. No longer limited to webinars and conferences, virtual events have diversified itself to hosting online ROM ceremonies and even speed dating. Instead of having a cluttered apartment as your backdrop, why not have a backdrop that can easily improve the aesthetics and value of your event? With TheVirtualBackgrounds, you can do so easily! Find out how with the Newest Animated Virtual Backgrounds For Every Online Event.

1. Online ROM

Firstly, congratulations on your big day! Despite the pandemic, it takes a certain amount of courage to get married without the traditional fanfare. An occasion of love deserves an equally impressive and romantic backdrop. 

Catamaran Kucinta 

yacht party as a virtual background

Since you are celebrating virtually, you might as well do so at an extravagant venue. With a luxurious view of the city’s skyline and the deep sea to represent your love, enjoy a yacht ROM ceremony with zero chance of rain! Download for free here today! 

2. Speed Dating

Feeling lonely? Feel free to participate in the myriad of speed dating events and get to know a friend! Best case scenario, you find a partner for life. However, you won’t show your date your cluttered apartment on a first date right? Then, why do so virtually? Check out this romantic dating spot in Singapore that you can use as a background.

Picnic Urban Food Park

Good lighting is a huge plus to the atmosphere. This event space is actually a charming restaurant in Singapore that serves a variety of delicious cuisine. Use that as a conversation starter and an opportunity to ask your date out when all of this blows over. 😉 Download here! 

3. Yoga or Workout Sessions

Yoga is the essence of focusing on oneself while removing all distractions. Find a pleasant virtual background that creates a welcoming mood and settle your audience in for a soothing yoga session. 

The Moon

This virtual background of a quaint and homely cafe is perfect to welcome everyone into a relaxed and comfortable state. With minimal animations and ample natural lighting, it promises zero distractions and promotes a soothing environment for yoga. The Moon is also often booked for yoga classes. Discover more here!

4. Live Music Sessions

Many singers and entertainers have gathered to provide some much-needed relief during this troubling time. On behalf of all of us stuck at home, please continue to rock on and put up an awesome performance at these virtual backgrounds!

The Vibez Bar

virtual background of vibez bar

Do you miss that euphoric feeling you can only get while performing under those dim lights? Re-create that experience again at this virtual background by the Vibez Bar. Download here today!

 5. Sales or Product Launch

Though we would all love to have face-to-face meet-ups with our potential clients, it is up to us to make the best of our leads even with virtual meet-ups.

Custom Animated Background

customised animated virtual background

Stand out from the masses with your very own animated background featuring your brand logo, colours and more! With just a quick scan of your QR code, they can easily access any of your landing pages for better conversion rates. From sales meetings, product launches to any corporate event, this can be easily customised to make your brand rise above the competition. Many virtual events and industry professionals are already using our customised backgrounds to maximise their impact on the screen. Discover more here! 

6. Webinar

Hosting an informative online webinar and wondering how to keep viewers interested? Start with your background. Often overlooked in the planning stages, your backdrop actually forms a vital component of your overall image. After all, your audience is going to look for a sense of credibility.

Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

Mimic a real-life presentation setting at Jewel Changi Airport. You can even customise the screen according to your own preference and showcase your event’s logo or title. Find out more here!

7. Business Meetings

Attending a meeting with your higher-ups? We fully empathise with that mixed feeling of dread and anticipation. This is your chance to make a good impression. Show them your commitment and professionalism with this virtual background of an office. 

Common Ground Damansara Height

This featured high-rise office is actually Common Ground Damansara Height, one of the most popular coworking offices in Kuala Lumpur. Boasting an amazing view of KL’s city skyline, download here today!

8. Virtual Summit

Organising a virtual summit is tough work. You have to portray an image of professionalism while getting your speakers comfortable enough to speak freely. 


This trendy event space is a rare combination of chic and cosiness. If you are the organiser, you can even treat the neon sign of ‘Host’ as a special bonus! Download here today!

9. Online Training Workshops (e.g Cooking) 

With more free time on our hands, online training workshops are seeing a surge in participants. 

Komma PLQ 

This playful virtual background of a cafe is an example of a beautifully crafted environment. It can serve as some great inspiration for your attendees to create their own wares today. Download here today!

10. Personal Celebrations

Social media is rife with online celebrations. You most likely have attended one as well. Show up virtually at one of these popular party venues in Singapore and make a statement that you are ready to party.


HERE is one of the most exciting party venues in Singapore. With that groovy disco lighting, ‘Carpe Diem’ is the true slogan for such depressing times. Download here today!

Celebrate anywhere with Venuerific!

Check out more of our free animated virtual backgrounds here! If you are looking to customise your background for your business or even personal usage, we offer a variety of services to fit your needs. Let’s continue celebrating online! 

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