17 Most Creative and Unique DIY Gift Ideas for Your DAD

Father’s Day is approaching! In the light of the upcoming worldwide celebration of our fathers, we introduce you to 17 Most Creative and Unique DIY Gift Ideas for Father’s Day. 

Have you spent hours clicking through online shops to find a suitable gift for the family hero on his big day? All have been there, all have done that… But if we really think about it – we do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to express our feelings. The most pleasing gifts don’t necessarily come from the store. Creating a homemade gift can be a fun experience which you can do with Mom and your brothers/sisters! Here is the list of 17 Most Creative and Unique DIY Gift Ideas for Father’s Day. Give them when you visit these locations from Father’s Day 2023 Singapore: Where to Eat & Celebrate on the Island!

Edit: We have updated this list to include personalised gifts that are perfect for Father’s Day!

1. DIY Beer Bouquet 

The only six-pack your dad needs! Give it a unique twist by dressing it up as an adorable beer bouquet. All you need is some origami paper and this article

Image Credit to Unoriginal Mom

2. DIY Personalised Travel Pouch

For the dad that is always on business trips or has retired and ready to see the world, a personalised travel pouch is the best reminder of your presence with him. It is also a must-have travel essential.

Image Credit to Polka Dot Chair

3. DIY Taco Cord Pouch

Not all dads are as tech-savvy and have upgraded to wireless earpods. Save them the hassle of untangling those earphone cords with this unique taco cord pouch that is DIY-able! You father will definitely taco about this cute item all day.

Image Credit to Local Adventurer

4. Customisable premium golf gloves

Customised golf gloves are a great idea for a sporty dad. These cabretta leather gloves are comfortable to play in and make for a unique addition to his collection.

Image Credit to GiftLessOrdinary

5. Customisable soccer jerseys

Give your father an exciting surprise by emblazoning their name on their favourite soccer team jersey. This will elevate him to the status of a true fan – a pleasant Father’s Day gift that he can use any day and anytime.

Image Credit to TeamZo

6. Personalised Guitar Stand

Is this a music family? Then you cannot miss this personalised guitar stand with engraved messages. This is a great way to give a special item in his life even more significance.

Image Credit to Etsy

7. Personalised Key Holder

Get a personalised key holder with a simple, yet meaningful message for your father. This is a precious item that is functional and aesthetic. 

Image Credit to Etsy

8. DIY Rocky frame/organizer

This simple, but very creative DIY gift is a suitable gift for all fathers. All you need is some glue, some stones outside your house, and your imagination! If you want to go extra artsy, you can paint your rocks with your dad’s favourite colour!

9. A hammer with a personalised message

He nailed it indeed 🙂 Give your handyman dad something he always needs with a twist of a heartfelt personal message on it. You can either write your message with a sharpie pen or go to your local engravement store!

10. A cute unique DIY Origami card!

If you are creative and crafty, this would be super fun making! Inside the card, you could write about your love and pride in your dad’s hard office work.

11. DIY Funny card!

It’s time for pay back for all of your dad’s puns 😀 Add a humorous twist to your Father’s day gift! There are so many ways to congratulate your dad and brighten up his day with a burst of laughter. All you need are some bright pens and a folded paper!

12. DIY Hangable key holder

Does your Dad always misplace his keys? Gift him with this simple and easy moustache themed key holder DIY gift. You can make any figure, face or even his portrait and use it as the base!

13. DIY Jar with love letters

Take an empty jar, and fill it with all of the reasons why he is the best dad in the world! He can always pop open one when he is having a bad day! It’s the way to express the things that you can’t say out loud.  Super thoughtful Father’s day gift 🙂

14. A personalised DIY key ring

This gift to your Dad you can share with your sibling. Make a smaller version of your handprints, so that his children are always hanging with him!

15. DIY funny/cute bookmarks!

If your Dad is a major book lover, give him this perfect DIY gift that will always make him smile. Just take a picture of you holding up, print it and attach to a string. So cute!

16. DIY Service Tokens!

Looking for a last-minute gift that your dad will ADORE? Give him a quirky service redemption gift DIY! Create simple tokens with services your dad can request you or your mom. Pamper your dads this Father’s day 🙂

17. DIY Celebratory Breakfast

Yum! Make your Dad happy by waking up earlier and cooking some deliciousness to start his day right! Add some smiley funny faces with fruits and sauces over your pancake. As the saying goes – the way to a man’s heart lies through his belly ;P

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