Top Birthday Party Ideas in Hong Kong for 2023

Top birthday ideas in Hong Kong for 2023

We understand that planning a birthday party can be overwhelming—especially in a world-class business district like Hong Kong! This is why we’ve put together a list of creative and fun birthday party ideas in Hong Kong that will make your special day one to remember. From yachting and bowling to movie-watching sessions and fine dining, we’ve got a wide range of birthday party venue Hong Kong for you to choose from.

Join us as we explore the many ways to celebrate a birthday in a bustling, booming Hong Kong.

1. Go Bowling!

Image from Tiki-Tiki Bowling Bar

Starting off this list of birthday party ideas in Hong Kong is Tikitiki Bowling Bar, which offers a unique experience that combines bowling, island-inspired food and beverages, and live music. Bowling is a great group activity, which can be enjoyed with friends and family, making it a perfect way to celebrate your birthday with loved ones.

In line with this, the goal of Tikitiki is to create a new social hub for both friends and families, filling the gap left by Facebook.

The decor and atmosphere of the bowling bar are inspired by island culture and mythology, featuring 10 lanes with fluorescent pins and large video screens. Check out Tiki-Tiki Bowling Bar for your next birthday party in Hong Kong!

2. Take A Trip to The Amusement Park!

Image from Meg Landrito on Unsplash

A magical and fun-filled destination that’s perfect for all ages—this is what Hong Kong Disneyland has in store! Whether you’re a child or an adult, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, from thrilling rides and attractions to parades and shows.

It’s also a great place to make memories with friends and family. With so many things to see and do, you’re sure to have a birthday that you’ll always remember.

There are also special birthday packages for guests to make the celebration even more memorable. This can include special birthday buttons, cake and even a special meet and greet with Disney characters.

3. Chill Cafe Catch-Up with Your Friends!

Image from FOMO Cafe Lounge

As another one of the birthday party ideas in Hong Kong, why not have a chill cafe catch-up with your best mates? FOMO Cafe Lounge is known for its relaxed and casual atmosphere, which could make for a comfortable and inviting setting for a birthday cafe.

Moreover, FOMO Cafe Lounge offers a wide variety of delicious food and drinks, including specialty coffee, tea, and pastries. This could provide a great opportunity to indulge in a delicious meal or treat together. (It can seat up to 60 guests!) 

They also offer customizable packages that include food and drinks, and various drinking games and dance floor can be arranged. FOMO’s relaxed atmosphere makes it the ideal location for your next birthday party in Hong Kong for 2023!

4. Have A Dinner Date!

Image from NAMO 

With the backdrop of the stunning Victoria Harbour, NAMO has become the ultimate destination for a birthday dinner date. Located in Empire Centre, Michelin star Chef Alejandro Sanchez and renowned Chef Wijannarongk Kunchit (Amoo) present innovative Indo-chine delicacies with a distinct Thai streak featuring global ingredients. 

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