A Guide to a Realistic, Simple yet Elegant Bohemian Wedding

If you are a lady who loves simplicity, the classic olden charm and everything earthy, “Bohemian” wedding theme is yours to explore. Here we have put together A Guide to a Realistic, Simple yet Elegant Bohemian Wedding where you can collect ideas to start organizing your big fat wedding. From welcoming invitations, beautiful wedding settings, adorning as a bride, dressing up your bridesmaids, photoshoot with your beloved to thanking door-gifts and all the nitty gritty details covered for you to be inspired.

The Invitation

The hype and anticipation of the wedding is set with the first impression your wedding invitation gives. The invitation can be a warm welcome to your friends & family miles away and give them a peek of what awaits at your wedding. Tribal prints, rustic jute twins, feathers are some details you can incorporate in the invitation design.

The Wedding Setting

You can perhaps create a wedding all by yourself with the help of your girlfriends and buddies. Get creative and splash your personality. Note, a Bohemian themed wedding is all about simplicity with a creative twist.

∇ The Wedding Reception Table

Ferry lights, macrame wall hanging will colorful flowers, elegant glass jars with candles in an outdoor could be the perfect place for your guests to assemble for a reception. As the evening sets, ferry lights and candles start to glisten like fireflies adding a romantic atmosphere.

∇ Cake

“Bohemian theme” is all about the imperfections just like life. You do not need a spotless white fondued cake. An unfinished icing, irregular tiers twirled around with vines of aromatic dried leaves and flowers add the charm. With so many freelance bakers flooded in social media, you can simply show a snap of this cake and get it booked within minutes.

∇ Bohemian Decor

Teepees were the homes of Native Americans and a woman was in full control of everything happening inside it. So own your wedding, girl! All you would need is four long poles, hanging flowers and a bohemian mandala mat to recreate this trendy decor. Create an elegant entrance to your outdoor wedding with curtains, lamps and candles. Spread a boho mat, throw a few pillows, light up candles in a jar, add blooming flowers and you can create simple lounge areas around the outdoor setting.

∇ Dream catchers, Feathers & Knots

Dream catchers are believed to capture good dreams. Hang dreamcatchers on the trees or ceiling to signify your beautiful dream that has come true. Easy and quick decor such as bow-knotted twines can add an elegant touch to the surrounding that could signify the new knotted bond you have created. Leaves & feathers on strings will also add a sophisticated grace to your wedding setting.

∇ Quirky Decor

Jazz up the wedding with these fun and quirky details which your friends and family would appreciate and applaud. “Take a shot & Take your seat” – some tequila could loosen up guests or perhaps you could make a non-alcoholic shot to avoid unexpected twists & drama. Add funky lovey-dovey quotes all around to add a little humor.

The Bride

It is your special day and your time to shine. Simplicity is the greatest elegance. A bohemian bride is all about keeping it eccentric and eclectic. From Wedding dress, statement jewelry to bouquets, scroll throw for a list of inspirations.

Wedding Dress

You do not need a tight corset that chokes your breath or a big puffy gown that restricts your sazz. A flowy maxi dress with lace, knots and light texture speaks volumes of elegance. You can dance, spin, twirl and be merry. That’s what a Bohemian bride is all about, a free-spirited woman 🙂


As the wedding dress is simple and effortless, you can adorn yourself with rustic jewelry to spice it up. A chunky beaded necklace, to an Arabian goddess themed anklet and head-chains. Choose gold, rose-gold coated jewelry as it keeps the look natural and earthly. Pearls, white gems and beads reflects the beauty of a glowing bride as well.

Flower Head bands

Blown out curls with head-crowns makes a bride look endearingly gorgeous. Wreaths with dried flowers, wild flowers, simple white flowers are a stunning adornment. You will be the walking greek goddess captivating the sight of all.


When choosing a bouquet, ensure the size and weight is effortless for you to carry. Go for warm toned feathers, light-weighted flowers such as Baby’s breath, Heather, Leptospermum, Limonium, Queen Anne’s Lace, Waxflower and etc. Easy to carry as well as an appealing beauty.

The Bridesmaid 

Give squad goals with your beauties! You can choose a carefree and casual style where your girls dress in their own style with a similar color palette and bohemian vibe with lace and hats. Or you can go for a sophisticated style with your girls wearing long shimmery warm-toned dresses. If not hit the runway and dress your girls in a similar dress and flower wreaths for an ultimate squad shot.

The Wedding Photoshoot

All you need is a huge bohemian carpet with ferry lights. Dance around with your love and let the photographer craft his magic. Create a woven white backdrop with dried flowers and leaves. Throw in some leather pillows and cushions. Tada, the backdrop is ready for your photoshoot. Snap around the beautiful decor you created for your wedding and capture them in pictures together with your beloved.

The Wedding Doorgift

Let your guests DIY their own gifts or maybe even grow them. Have a jar of sweet aromatic powder and a quirky quote to instruct. Scents have a great way of capturing memories so let your wedding be etched in their memory through the fragrance. A cactus plant sustains without water which could be a nice edition in their homes with your wedding memory. Create customized glass mugs with wooden covers with their names carved on it which will never fade for a long long time.

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