Baby Shower : Food, Drinks, and Gift Ideas for your Guests

The arrival of a baby means celebration. A Baby Shower is the celebrations of celebrations! What is a celebration without food? Nothing brings people together like good food. Put aside your stress and worries as we have got a list of easy peasy choices of food which does not lack in anyway be it the appearance or taste. You have welcomed them in and been a “good” host but do you want to be the “best” host? Then keep scrolling for a sweet collection of door-gifts. So here you go “Baby Shower : Foods, Drinks, and Gifts Ideas for the Guests”

Food & Drinks at Baby Shower

Creative Uses For Edible Flower:

Truly, the floral ice cubes turn a simple champagne setup into one of the most gorgeous. A minute of awe for the creative being who came up with such an idea. The only thing you need for this beauty to adorn your baby shower celebrations, besides the water from your tap and a packet of edible flowers is a silicone ice cube tray.  The tray is flexible and makes it really easy to pop the cubes out when you want to use them.


(Photo Credit : andeelayne)


(Photo Credit : themerrythought)


(Photo Credit : andeelayne)

Lemon Garden Party:

A baby brings joy and completes your family. Well, just like a lemon. A little squeeze, a little spritz or just a thin slice of it is all you need to bring the best taste of your food or drink. If you are throwing an outdoor party, this lemonade will be a sweet flavour you would do for your guests. Freshness within one gulp or bite. So head to your markets and buy a box of em!


(Photo Credit : hometreeatlas)


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(Photo Credit : clipzine)

Milk and Cookies:

How can you even go wrong with this one? This has been with us and been a part of us even before we knew our name. Cookies & Milk! I am sure our moms would have stuffed this in our mouths when we threw a tantrum or were a weeping mess. Bring those peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, almond cookies and all the cookies out. Dunk, Dip & Enjoy at this baby shower!


(Photo Credit : brides)


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(Photo Credit : cakecentral)

Pretty Flower Cupcake:

This one might throw your guests into a dilemma. It looks too beautiful to be munched and swallowed. Cupcakes dressed in colourful flowers and petals. Looks pretty, tastes yummy and keeps everyone happy. Mini cupcakes would be perfect as your guests can gobble it in a bite. Perfect way to welcome a pretty little angel into the family!


(Photo Credit : maglebys_catering)


(Photo Credit : brides)


(Photo Credit : ruffledblog)

DONUT Miss The Party!

Who denies these cute little hoops of instant happiness. Thanks to Hanson Gregory, the father of donuts for giving us this delight.  Have a donut cake, throw a “who can finish the fastest” donut game and well just get creative with this do-nut miss treat. Colourful sprinkles, sugar-coated goodness, caramel coated bliss and the list goes on and on.


(Photo Credit : himisspuff)


(Photo Credit : weheartparties)


(Photo Credit : weheartparties)

Door Gifts at a Baby Shower

The Scented Happiness:

Scent is the strongest tie to memory. Every time your guests’ light up the candle, they will remember the time when you were still pregnant with your little one and be amazed at the time that has flown away. Candles are known to be the best therapy that relaxes and eases the tension in the muscles. A thoughtful and sweet gift!


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(Photo Credit : foxblossom)


(Photo Credit : kendollmade)

Take me home & Watch Me Grow 


(Photo Credit : redtri)


(Photo Credit : happywishcompany)


(Photo Credit : hwtm)

Let their cactus grow as your baby does. When your baby arrives, the small tiny cactus plant would have gotten multiple leaves.You can almost hear the squeals of your sisters & girlfriends screaming “The Baby is here!” Sentimental and sweet ain’t it.
Share this moment with your loved ones and cactus it is.

Poppin Popcorns:


(Photo Credit : etsy)


(Photo Credit : projectnursery)


(Photo Credit : babble)

Ready to Pop Party is not complete without a Popcorn right? So don’t forget your PopCorn,  make some sweet/salty popcorn and wrap them in a bag with cute ribbon. You can even make a popcorn cupcake, how cute is that! Melt some mini marshmallows and on top of a cupcake, simple but unique!

Blessings from a Box of Macaroons:


(Photo Credit : sheerluxe)


(Photo Credit : sheerluxe)


(Photo Credit : ideas-para)

What diet? Eat macaroons! Spread the good news with sweets and what could be better than macaroons. Send off your guests with a box of macaroons. The taste of these little macaroons will surely make them whisper a prayer for your kid when they gobble it. “Blessed be Cynthia’s baby!” Haha you can hear it already yeah? Make your orders at Butter Studio.

A Sweet Chardonnay:


(Photo Credit : stylemepretty)


(Photo Credit : livingwithlandyn)


(Photo Credit : somethingturquoise)

Cinderella’s pumpkins & Chardonnay bliss. Wishes on a pumpkin for the little pumpkin you are carrying is such a quirky way of collecting memories of your child for your child.  Once the wish has been written, gift your guests with a little champagne bottle cause you are just the coolest mom to be.  Lets get Pumped for the Kin! (You are cool if you got it ?)

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