Survival Tips to Host a Kids Birthday Party in Malaysia

kids blowing cake for Kids birthday in malaysia

Kids and parties are always a fun idea, but juggling both in planning can be very tiring (especially if you’re currently parenting a toddler!). Don’t be disheartened though, because we’ve got the top 7 survival tips for hosting your next kid’s birthday party in Malaysia.

Use this as your guide—your checklist—and you will be well on your way to hosting a party in our kids birthday party venues in Malaysia that both children and adults will love!

1. Set a budget for the party!

Budgeting for kids birthday party in malaysia
Image from Kelly Sikkema

Of course, you want to fulfil all birthday wishes for kids when planning a kids’ birthday party in Malaysia. However, realistically, you should not exhaust all your money for this event. 

Thus, the first step is to always set a budget for your kids’ birthday party. This way, you can manage your expectations while reaching for your kids’ dream birthday—all without breaking the bank. Set a baseline budget that you are comfortable with spending, and then you can move on to the fun stuff.

2. Choose fun and vibrant theme!

Vibrant cake and festivities for kids birthday party in malaysia
Image from Lidya Nada

For a kid’s birthday party in Malaysia, it’s always fun to play into the strengths of the country. A tropical haven, Malaysia would be a perfect venue for a Safari-themed birthday. 

On the other hand, Malaysia is diverse enough to hold any type of kid’s birthday party you want—so why not go full fantasy with these 5 Disney Themed Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Want more theme options? Look into these kid’s birthday party ideas in Malaysia: 

  • Nautical theme
  • Art Party
  • Tea Party theme
  • To the Sky! theme (Airplanes, Hot air balloons, etc.)
  • Superhero Party theme

If you are having trouble deciding on a theme for your kid’s birthday, here’s another tip: have you tried asking them? Some parents fall into the trap of planning their kid’s birthday party in Malaysia alone. Always remember to ask your children because at the end of the day, these parties are meant to put a smile on their faces.

3. Decide on the number of adults and the number of children (AKA your guest list).

Kids playing with confetti in the top kids birthday party in malaysia
Image from junce

You’ve survived deciding on a theme—great! Now it’s time to narrow down your guest list. Do you want a big party? A small one with only the closest friends and family? This is the final step before you choose your party venue. 

The rare thing in planning a kid’s birthday party is that it often has the same number of adults and kids (not all the time though!). Once you have your guest list finalized, take a look at it again. How many adults are attending? How many kids will they be bringing? 
In turn, how many adults will each kid bring with them? It’s helpful to know this because this will dictate the space, food, and games you will have at your party.

Moreover, it is crucial to ask your children who they want to invite. Sometimes, people get so caught up in party planning that they forget that they are having a party for kids.

4. Pick the best suitable venue, with the help of Venuerific!


B'york KL venue for kids birthday party in malaysia
Image from B’york KL

As mentioned above, one of the most common kid’s birthday party ideas in Malaysia is “Safari.” If you want to join in on this bandwagon while keeping a unique, elegant atmosphere, Venuerific has the perfect venue for you! 

Elephant next to giveaways for safari themed birthday in kids birthday party in malaysia
Image from Kara’s Party Ideas

Check out B’york KL, a multifunctional event space adorned with elements of nature and greeneries. Inspired by the iconic Zebra Square in Kuala Lumpur, this venue welcomes beautiful natural light to your lively party. B’york KL also comes with its own projector, stage, and contact to their events team. 

Contact B’york KL and see if they’re available for your next kid’s birthday party in Malaysia!

Simple Lunch (for parties with more adults than kids)

minimalkist, clean space for kids birthday party ideas in malaysia

Sometimes people want to skip on themes and go straight to the event. Parties are gatherings with food and people, all celebrating something (s). If you want your kid’s birthday party in Malaysia to focus on its adult audience—that is, there are more adults than kids—check out Gin Rik Sha. 

child eats cake in kids birthday party venue in malaysia
Image from Opla

This event venue, bookable through Venuerific, directs its energy on delicious Indian food and world-class drinks. Its clean, laid-back interiors are welcoming and open, perfect for the lively energy of children. 

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