Mid-Autumn Festival: Best Mooncakes in Singapore 2022

Best mooncakes in Singapore for the Mooncake Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival (or the Singapore Mooncake Festival) is upon us, which is the time of year to celebrate the moon—paid homage to by the best mooncakes in Singapore. For 2022, this will be celebrated on September 10th.

Each mooncake resembles the roundness of the full moon, symbolizing togetherness, completeness and prosperity. Families all around Singapore come together during the Mid-Autumn Festival to give, share, and eat mooncakes in Singapore. 

Over time, we are sure you have had your favorites. However, in the spirit of sharing, Venuerific has compiled the best mooncakes in Singapore. Take a look at these as you make your Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 plans! 

Feel free to share them, eat them, or give them away as gifts—these are no fail options.

1. Hai Tien Lo (through Pan Pacific Singapore)

Mooncakes with different colors for the best mooncakes in Singapore
Image from Pan Pacific Singapore

We’re kicking off this list of the best mooncakes in Singapore with the award-winning Hai Tien Lo mooncakes. A classic, its flavors include the traditional White Lotus Paste (with Single or Double Yolk) and the most-selling Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake. 

Since 2022 is a comeback year for business and public gatherings, Hai Tien Lo has stepped their mooncake game up once more. This year, they are debuting the White Lotus Paste with Melon Seed and Pandan Paste with Pumpkin Seed mooncakes. These have the classic flavors you grew up loving, with a subtle twist in texture and flavor. 

As if these were not enough, Hai Tien Lo also has a number of innovative Snowskin Mooncakes to choose from. These include:

  • Peppermint Paste with Chamomile Truffle Snowskin Mooncake;
  • Rose Lychee Snowskin Mooncake;
  • White Lotus Paste with Salted Egg Yolk Snowskin Mooncake; and the
  • Hazelnut Chocolate with Matcha Snowskin Mooncake

Get these mooncakes through Pan Pacific Singapore and receive a two-tiered limited-collection Premium Gift Box with an eye-catching ruby red hue. This makes great impressions on business partners even once opened, since it has a velvet interior and gold clasps.

Members of Pan Pacific Privileges and Pan Pacific Discovery as well as selected credit card holders have exclusive privileges on these selections. This runs until 10 September 2022. 
Check out the Pan Pacific site for more details!

2. Ding Mooncake

Treasure box that contains the best mooncakes in Singapore (Ding Mooncakes)
Image from Ding Mooncake

Proudly handcrafted and baked, Ding Mooncakes are one of the best mooncakes in Singapore. Its classic flavor—White Lotus (with Double or No Yolk option)—is joined by new flavors such as Matcha, Mixed Nuts, and Pandan Lotus Double Yolk in 2022.

Of course, the Singapore Mooncake Festival also sheds a light on the fashioned boxes these mooncakes come in. For Ding Mooncake, the 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival line of mooncakes are made with premium suede and genuine aniline leather. It is also designed to look like a treasure chest, just as Ding Mooncake treasures you. 

Explore the history and flavors of Ding Mooncakes here!

3. Hotel Indigo’s Treasured (through Baba Chews)

Baba Chews serving the best mooncakes in Singapore
Image from Baba Chews

Treasure is also a similar theme for the mooncakes available in Baba Chews for Mid-Autumn Festival 2022. For this season, Baba Chews is featuring a selection of the best mooncakes in Singapore from Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong. 

Focusing on tradition and folklore, this mooncake collection wants to immerse its customers with the stories of the Joo Chiat/Katong neighbourhood. The flavors are as follows: 

  • Double Egg Yolks White Lotus Paste
  • Single Egg Yolk White Lotus Paste
  • White Lotus Paste;
  • Yam with Diced Salted Egg Yolks; and 
  • Orange Lotus Paste with Apricot and Cashew Nuts

The box for this collection is minimalist, pastel, and dainty. Its rectangle figure mimics that of a cabinet with drawers—making it easy for the box to double as a vanity. Catching your attention further are the flowers sprawling on its sides.

Check out Baba Chews and Hotel Indigo’s Treasured collection of mooncakes for Singapore Mooncake Festival 2022 today!

4. InterContinental Singapore

InterContinental Singapore mooncake options are the best mooncakes in Singapore
Image from InterContinental Singapore

Another famous choice for the best mooncakes in Singapore is the traditional White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk from InterContinental Singapore. It comes from a revered, and high-demand collection (4/6 flavors are already sold out!) released every year. 

Still, you can check out the two white lotus seed variants on their site today. 

All orders here are in pieces of four, encased in an elegant emerald box with flowers and butterflies. According to InterContinental Singapore, this design element is made to capture the beauty of this Mid-Autumn Festival season. 

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