Popular Tools to Hack Your Next Event

Did you know that in just ONE MINUTE in 2013, 70 new domains and 571 new websites were created? On Facebook alone, 1.8 million new likes were generated. 278,000 tweeted and 204 million emails sent (Qmee). Can you imagine what numbers would be like in 2015?

It’s no question digital technology, when used right, can generate million dollars worth of revenue, especially in the new and emerging industry like events technology.

It’s time for #eventprofessionals to claw deep into using these methods and get down to business!


(Source: Qmee, https://blog.qmee.com/qmee-online-in-60-seconds/)

1. Events Venue Marketplace

Venuerific – New & upcoming venue booking platform based in Singapore with locations in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and recently, Philippines. Features almost 700 restaurants, hotels, private islands, and yachts for multi-purpose events.

Reviews indicate they are friendly and fast with their work replying to enquiries in under a minute! If you’re in a need of a quick venue booking for your event, do check them out!

2. Ticketing/Invitation

Whether it’s a paid or free event, a comprehensive ticketing solution can ease the entire event operation. Not only do these platforms track real-time sales, but they also allow access to attendees’ details, promotion of events and registrations.

Peatix – Set up your event page for free on their website and get going on their fee-free event registration tools!

Eventnook – Your own event ticketing site can be created on Eventnook with its mobile-friendly event ticketing technology.

3. Advertising/Promotion Platforms

A successful event is when all your invitees turn into attendees. Now, the only way for that to happen is by marketing your event through the right channels. Here are a couple of emerging platforms that are making its way through the industry!

DBS Business Class (Mobile App) – Allows business leaders of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to connect, advertise, and promote their events fast and effectively. Showcase your event and promote!

E27 – E stands for Entrepreneurship, and allows all mentors, partners, investors, colleagues, and customers to join, interact, and read most up-to-date posts in the startup industry. You can advertise your company/service/event through their website which has a readership of up to 300,000+!

4. Audience Participation

The most common problem present at all events: the speaker asks, “Who can tell me the answer to this question?” Silence. Dead Silence. Not really a good sign… We want engaging, interactive sessions.

Pigeonhole Live (App) –This is where Pigeonholelive steps in and allows people to connect with the speaker even without speaking by inputting answers on our own phones and they are projected straight to the screen to share. Definitely putting our smartphones into good use!

5. Sponsorship

In a digital world like today’s, you can reach your sponsors right at your fingertips. Yes, just open your hand and reach out. That’s how close they are!

Whether you’re hosting a trade conference, wedding, or a charity, there’s a good chance that, in order to be profitable, you will have to get sponsors involved in proceedings. How convenient is it that there are online platforms where you can find partners or sponsors for your events?!

Endorsevent – Just put in the event title and event date and voila! You’re ready to proceed with seeking sponsors for your event.

Sponsormyevent – Used by Ted, Forbes, and many other clients, the sponsorship is received in three simple steps. Fill in information about your event and they match you with possible sponsors! It’s amazing how in a few simple steps, you can transform your event from no sponsors to yes sponsors!

Enliven your marketing strategies with these new and emerging tools!  From sponsorship to the event venue marketplace, we have picked the most useful tools to hack your next event!

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