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Next song I’m going to play is ‘Do you?’”


“I know I know, you probably don’t know it.” Yiruma laughed at the awkward silence.

“All you know is ‘Kiss the Rain’ and ‘River Flows In You’, right?’ It’s coming, but not yet!” Everyone laughed at Yiruma because it was humorous, yet true. Sorry, Yiruma!

Yiruma, the South Korean pianist and composer came to perform in Singapore on November 6th. He not only delivered phenomenal music but was an engaging performer such as inviting an audience member onto the stage to improvise and play music together on the spot.


When Yiruma finally stood up from his chair after playing his last song, all of the 5000 audience members stood up and clapped their hands with so much energy. I also got up like a little kid and applauded for him ecstatically.

It was such a heartening performance that really touched my heart!

How could he move his fingers on the piano so beautifully to touch the hearts of all these 5,000 people? I was still awestruck even after I got out of the theatre as I replayed the music over and over in my head.

From listening to Yiruma on Youtube and his CDs to really listening to him live felt entirely different. At first, I was very worried because I would be sitting in the 3rd tier and might not be able to see his facial expressions nor see him playing on the piano.


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I was surprised when the sound projected from the stage felt so close and so live even when I was so far away (apparently it’s only 56m from the stage to the back of the theatre). The large screen behind him shows a close-up of his face, detailing his every expression, making each song seem much more personal with his emotions. When I closed my eyes, it almost felt like he was right in front of me.

The Star Theatre reached beyond my expectations when it came to delivering the performance to be remembered.

The quality of the sound, the close-up back shot of Yiruma’s fingers playing each note on the piano, and the lighting effects all made my experience mesmerizing.

I did some research on The Star Performing Arts Centre (the curious that I am) and I was surprised to learn they have other spaces than the theatre such as The Star Gallery, The Star Loft, and The Star Terrace. Here are some descriptions of them for those of you who didn’t know about them either!


As I experienced it myself, the theatre is captivating in its presence, as grand and beautiful it is already. The live broadcast sound quality feels crisp, rich and luxurious.


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No wonder award-winning artists and celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Running Man Team from South Korea, and large corporations like DBS and CapitaLand host their events here!


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I can’t wait to attend more of the events hosted here. A-Lin from Taiwan is coming here in December and Richard Marx just performed several days ago!


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Size: intimate distance (56m) from the edge of the stage to the last row of Circle 2

Events: Business conferences, world-class concerts, musicals, dance, opera, award ceremonies, product launches, convocations, and seminars

Past Events: Concerts by Ed Sheeran, Performances by Norah Jones, Chaka Khan, NTUC May Day Rally 2015, Glasgow University Convocation

Capacity: 5000 pax [3700 pax (stalls + circle 1) & 1900 pax (stalls)]

Sound System ?: World-class quality

Bookings by tiers: Available (3 tiers)

Additional Facilities: Wrap-around balconies, Back-of-house support (reception room, dressing rooms, showers, dance studio & recording studio)

This video guide of the theatre helps you experience it for yourself.


Can you imagine a space being divided into 5 different spaces with its own HD live broadcast sound system? The Star Gallery is literally like a chameleon; It changes colors to adapt to new events.

The gallery can change into many different themes to accommodate events from convocations, weddings, and to black boxes for smaller performances.

event-at-star-theatre-venuerific-blog-the star-gallery

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Size: 770 sqm

Events: meeting rooms, banquet reception halls, studio space, black box for small-scale performances, dinner and dance

Past events: Digipen Graduation Ceremony, UXSG Conference 2014, Yellow Ribbon Awards Ceremony, Friend of Singa and Write for Kindness Award Ceremony

Capacity: 490 – 770 people

Sound System ?: HD Live Broadcast Quality

Additional Features: Buffet lunch/cocktail reception at Outdoor Deck

You can check out more of its colours through this video.


This would have to be my second favourite place, after the theatre. Having a drink by the sunset on this rooftop venue of The Star with live music sounds like my ideal type of event. It’s really beautiful, with both an indoor and outdoor space for an event. This could be the perfect cocktail reception (after the serious part)!

Can you also imagine a wedding by the sunset surrounded by the flowers and white flower petals and decorations? It is truly a unique venue that calls for intimate ambience and interactions by its stance alone. Just Bea-u-ti-ful!


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Size: 215 sqm

Events: corporate receptions, wedding package for The Star Gallery & The Star Loft, artist meet & greet

Past Events: press conference before their Theatre event, intimate private events, product launch 

Capacity: 110 (banquet setting), 144 (theater setting)

Stunning: YES!

You can view the video tour guide.



The first time I looked at The Star Terrace, there were many students there working on their school group projects. With its relaxed vibe, it’s definitely a place for the community and not just for events.

During events, it could turn into a laid-back environment for interactive events such as publicity events, meet-and-greets with celebrities (Hunter Hayes held his fan meet & greet here), and movie screenings! The relaxing lighting is definitely a bonus.



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Events: Small-scale performances, launches, film screenings, publicity and community events

Past Events: Movie screenings, Meet & Greet with fans for artists/musicians like Hunter Hayes

Capacity: 300 people

Additional Features: the Theatre can be broadcasted live via The Star Terrace

Check out their video guide!

After three years, The Star Performing Arts Centre has established itself as the “it” place for not only hosting world-class events and performances but really helping them shine with its modern and vibrant spaces that provide an exquisite ambience.

Without the perfect venue, the perfect event cannot come true.

 Always full of excitement at The Star Performing Arts Centre!

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