The 10 Most Amazing Spaces in the World

1. H. R. Giger Museum Bar, Switzerland

This bar, designed and themed by Swiss artist, H.R. Giger, is located inside H.R. Giger Museum and is truly a work of art. Giger’s acclaimed “Alien” character thematic designs can be seen from this bar within every single detail. 




2. CocoVivo, Panama

It may be secluded and remote, but it has everything you would want in a space. Imagine doing your work with a solar-powered wifi and electricity in a waterfront bungalow and when you feel the need for a break and a change of perspective, you can dive into the waters for some cool-down or paddle-boarding. Horseback riding and hiking are just around the corner near the Hill House cabin.


3. McDonald’s, Georgia

The world’s coolest McDonald’s is in Georgia. It was designed by Harvard-educated architect, Giorgio Khmaladze. You may or may not be lovin’ McDonald’s, but you will be lovin’ this branch. While the exterior is covered by 460 glass panels, the interior boasts wide expansion of vegetation and unique dining experience with an open-air patio on the upper level.

You will be surprised that below the restaurant is a separately-operating gas station, but it is completely invisible to the diners at McDonald’s. People say Big Mac here tastes better than anywhere else!



4. Taj Lake Palace Hotel, India

Imagine a full-time butler at your side while you sip on a nice cool drink by the pool, which is actually staying afloat of a lake. This 18th century palace hotel screams luxury and elegance. It offers one-of-a-kind experience for the guests to relive the heritage life of a royalty.

The hotel is no news to the movie industry as it was already featured once in a James Bond movie. It is truly a living heritage with original artworks and ornate marble and glasswork and the minimum rate per night starts with $2700 SGD!




5. Mt. Hua Shan Restaurant, China

It takes one of the deadliest hikes in the world to reach this restaurant. It’s not easily accessible to everyone but the feeling of accomplishment and eating good food after the hike will feel ever more satisfying!




6. Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

This true iconic landmark of Singapore stands tall with a magnificent infinity pool on top of its three towers, overlooking the dazzling skyline. With Singapore’s largest luxury shopping mall in tow, the shoppes at MBS make it not so easy for its guests to get out of the hotel. It might just even be its grand size.




7. Dasheene, St. Lucia

Known for its beaches, diving sites, and a rainforest with waterfalls, St. Lucia, an island-nation in the eastern Carribean, holds a beautiful restaurant, well known for its sunrise breakfast or sunset dinners surrounded by the mountains and beaches…



8. Dome Resort Santorini, Greece

White walls and blue roofs in Santorini are full of domes, but this dome villa, accompanied by your own private swimming pool and jacuzzi along with a private dining table for that perfect breakfast overlooking the sunrise makes everything perfect. Rate per night goes all the way over $1000 SGD.




9. Fangweng Restaurant, Hubei, China

If you’re afraid of heights, it might not be the most amazing thing for you. A cliff-hanging restaurant, Fangweng has been noticed by travellers all around the world as a must-visit. It may be scary, but the view may be worthwhile of a whole stretch of cliffs, caves, and park land.

Most-amazing-spaces-venuerific-blog-fangweng-restaurant-china Most-amazing-spaces-venuerific-blog-fangweng-restaurant-china-sanyou-cave

10. Mission Hill Winery, Okanagan, Canada

One of the most beautiful wineries in the world and its restaurant, Terrace attracts a large influx of tourists everyday. A glass of wine looking over the view of the Okanagan Lake and the massive vineyard is the ultimate dining experience.





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