The 12 Most Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s day in Singapore ♥

February 14th this year falls on a Sunday, perfect to spend time and eat delicious food with your loved ones. Venuerific brings you the 12 most romantic restaurants to dine this year. 

1. Sea Scent Restaurant

Overlooking the water by Sentosa, this is a blue and white themed Santorini-style restaurant. During daytime it may be breezy, but during nighttime, the restaurant changes to a romantic atmosphere with dimmed lights and candles. If you’re looking for a nice dine-out by the waters to unwind and relax, this may be the place. (Discover More)



2. Ristorante Pietrasanta

Most of you may not know about this place. Having been run for almost 10 years in the hills near One North, this authentic Italian restaurant will wow you with their savoury food. This is the ideal place if you are looking for a cozy place to relax and dine with comfort. (Discover More)




3. Odette Restaurant

Ever since the National Gallery opened last year, all the restaurants inside have been getting noticed by a lot of people. However, this restaurant, managed by the Lo & Behold Group, has been rated as one of the most stylish and creative. The food, the atmosphere, the experience will not disappoint you and your loved one. (Discover More)


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4. Sorrel

The hungry pigs (it’s their signature painting) greet you in this chic restaurant, Sorrel. Did you know the chefs focus on creating unique and the best flavour combinations in their food? You would feel like you were in New York as you look over and see the chefs cooking busily. (Discover More)


 5. NOX Dine in the Dark

Awaken your taste buds with their exclusive Valentine’s Day special of 3-course consisting of 12 different dishes! It would definitely be a memorable dinner to only hear, talk, and trust each other. And plus, it will be a fun experience! (Discover More)



6. Black and White Estate

Why not make it an entire day to celebrate together with all of your loved ones in a house? You can cook, have a glass of wine, watch a movie, go swimming, and just relax. It is an all-in-one venue that can cater to any of your needs. (Discover More)




7. Match Restaurant

Located at Suntec, Match Restaurant & Lounge is a stylish and sophisticated restaurant, reminiscent of New York’s hippest venues. Outfitted with a DJ booth, beautifully exposed white bricks and posh chairs, cutting edge art pieces, plush banquets, and an outdoor patio, Match is the ideal setting for Valentine’s dinner. (Discover More)


 9. Villa Paradiso

Are you debating whether to fly for Valentine’s getaway? Look no more but at Villa Paradiso, the only Balinese villa in Singapore. You can save on the flights, the hotels, and just go here for your unforgettable dinner. Bring in your own food or if you are really looking to impress, hire a chef to cook in this beautiful kitchen of theirs. (Discover More)




10. Binomio Spanish Restaurante

Thi top-rated Spanish fine dining restaurant has been raved not only by the locals, but by many Europeans in Singapore as well! They serve quality food inspired by the traditional Spanish tapas. Imagine Paella with fresh ingredients just as you would taste in Spain. If you’re a Spanish-food-lover, this is the perfect place for you and your loved one. (Discover More)




 11. Supertree by Indochine

As the only establishment atop the SuperTree Grove, SuperTree by IndoChine is situated perfectly on the tallest structure, so guests will be able to sip martinis and enjoy intimate dinners under the starlit skies. With premium location, views and first-rate services, Supertree by Indochine is a unique yet perfect restaurant for Valentine’s Dinner. Make it something you will never forget. (Discover More)




 12. Cornerstone

Situated in Bishan Park, Cornerstone, offers diners a place where they can enjoy the finest of modern American cuisine in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, nestled amidst lush greenery. Their famous desserts are very delicately made and attract many ladies! (Discover More)


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