8 Possible Places for Trump and Kim’s Meet in Singapore

Welcome to Singapore Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim!

Deciding on a location for the summit between North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump requires thoughtful consideration and organisation. After much deliberation, here are 8 Possible Places for Trump and Kim’s Meet in Singapore.

1. Ballroom @ Shangri-La

Rumoured to be the safest hotel in Singapore, Shangri-La holds the highest potential. With a magnitude of experience hosting high profile events such as the annual Asia Security Summit. Shangri-La is undoubtedly logistically and experimentally superior, with top notch security support systems put in place- this could be the ideal destination for a high profile meet between the two Leaders.

2. The Clifford Pier @ The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Overlooking the Singapore skyline, The Fullerton Bay Hotel boast one of the grandest sights Singapore has to offer. The Fullerton Bay Hotel has been awarded the Best Hotel in Singapore by DestinAsian’s Readers’ Choice Awards along with a 5-Star rating on Forbes Travel Guide- a true spectacle indeed! Nestled on the pier of the Marina Reservoir, its a summit with a view worth dying for, not literally though!

3. Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall

With the largest convention space in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Convention Halls is another strong contender. Being Singapore’s most iconic landmark, nothing says “Welcome to Singapore better than MBS”. Not to mention President Trump’s affiliation with Sands Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr Sheldon Adelson, makes MBS a trusted location for the inaugural summit.

4. The Ritz-Carlton Millenia

Tucked away behind some lush greenery, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia truly is a hidden jem. Allow the Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton Millenia to pamper and wow our honored guest. In addition to top-notch service, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia offers an extensive and impressive meeting space. Along with impeccable views from their fabulous suites, sure to leave our guest in awe. The definition of luxury and quality- makes The Ritz-Carlton Millenia a great choice for this upcoming summit.

In addition to these potential meeting venues, a trip to Singapore will not be complete without visiting these other great locations! After all the formalities and (what we hope was) a successful conference, it’s time to let loose and explore other outlandish locations Singapore has to offer.

5. Wine and Dine at Origin Bar & Grill @ Shangri-La

The latest addition to the bar scene, Origin Bar has created quite a buzz in Singapore! Shangri-La’s state of the art security, makes Origin Bar an ideal location for an unconventional meet between Kim and Trump. Bonding over uniquely curated cocktails inspired by Singapore’s History adds a creative and cultural aspect to the visit. Furthermore, adjacent to Origin Bar is Origin Grill, the train-inspired facade allows for a unique atmosphere to wine, dine and redefine history.

6. A trip to the Singapore Flyer

With each cycle lasting for half an hour, the world is safe for at least the next 29 minutes. Sounds rather reassuring doesn’t it? Jokes aside, The Singapore Flyer allows the leaders to have a bird’s eye view of Singapore, furthermore it provides an intimate space to connect with each other! Is there a term to describe observing someone, in an observation wheel? We like to think its called observ-ception!

7. Visit to the Sir Stamford Raffles Landing

A historical visit deserves a historical venue, the Sir Stamford Raffles Landing is the epitome of History in Singapore. The pair can be seen taking a leisurely stroll along the straits of the Singapore River, followed by some post-summit clubbing perhaps?  Let’s hope the beat would be the only thing that drops during this visit.

8. A day at Tanjong Beach Club

This just in, Kim and Trump gets acquainted by the beach; sipping Margaritas along Tanjong Beach would be a true sight to see. Leader/President or not, everyone deserves to sink their toes in the sand and have a picture with the Merlion. Who says a summit between World Leaders couldn’t be fun! A day of Rest and Relaxation at Tanjong Beach club could be the perfect ending to conclude this historical summit.

Lastly, to find out more about this space for your next celebration https://goo.gl/KxpZ7L.

This rounds up all the fantastic locations for Trump and Kim’s upcoming summit in Singapore! We hope the pair has a successful and fruitful meet here in sunny (sometimes not so sunny) Singapore!

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