Style Guide by your Zodiac Sign for Chinese New Year 2020

Were you ever chided by your parents for not wearing red for Chinese New Year? ‘Ah girl, better wear red clothes hor!’ is the familiar rhetoric. However, the truth is, red is not the only colour that brings good luck! Each Zodiac has its own lucky colour for the year. 

This year, Venuerific has collaborated with DanityRoses to present to you the Style Guide by your Zodiac Sign for Chinese New Year 2020 that will help you turn heads at gatherings and continue to sweep pots in blackjack. Huat ah!

1. Rat

Lucky Colour: Yellow

pretty yellow hem dress

As the main star of this Chinese New Year, stay poised to capture the limelight with this elegant and refined dress. Its’ velvety soft texture cradling gently around you makes it a pleasure to wear even in Singapore’s weather. The warm shade of yellow creates a sense of gentleness and approachability, perfect for Chinese New Year gatherings. 

Outfit: Graciella Mermaid Hem Dress (Yellow)

Price: $38.90

2. Ox

Lucky Colour: White

People born in the year of the Ox prefer to remain low-key. However, this Chinese New Year, emerge from your comfort zone and daringly expand your fashion wardrobe! One of our favourites in the collection, this dress is a perfect balance of impeccable style while maintaining the theme of Chinese New Year.  With the pineapple prints that symbolizes prosperity, you can even tell others it refers to your love for pineapple tarts! 

Outfit: Pineapple Oriental Shift Dress (White)

Price: $40.90

3. Tiger

Lucky Colour: Blue

The most adventurous out of the lot, the Tigers are never the ones to turn down a good challenge. Your competitive nature translates to a penchant for exotic outfits that challenge the norms. With a unique and bold design, this outfit oozes out pure intrepidity.

Outfit: Savana Reversible Midi Dress (Blue)

Price: $45.90

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4. Rabbit 

Lucky Colour: Pink

The Rabbit’s admirable positivity is best exemplified by this chic and festive midi dress. As a social butterfly with an attractive disposition, you will love that this figure-hugging dress easily complements any large earrings to carry that social grace. Their unique prints here will definitely be appreciated by your punctilious personality! 

Outfit: Glenda Print Midi Dress (Pink)

Price: $49.90

5. Dragon

Lucky Colour: Red + White

red peplum top with white pants

This year, red is the unavoidable lucky colour for Dragons. Out of all the Zodiac signs, Dragons are the embodiment of strength and independence. Your magnetic personality is further amplified by your trendy closet. Exude that much-coveted confidence of yours with this charming Laura Peplum top. 

Outfit: Laura Peplum Top (Brick Red)

Price: $27.90

6. Snake

Lucky Colour: Green + Yellow

Despite the Snake’s highly alert nature, your demeanor portrays an easy air of laid-backness. As such, your sense of style leans towards casual outfits that are easy to move around in. Especially during this period of house visitations, when you have to keep up your carefully crafted image with style.    

Outfit: Fion Abstract Midi Dress (Sage)

Price: $41.90 

7. Horse

Lucky Colour: White 

Those born in the year of the Horses are romantic dreamers with a natural gravitation towards fanciful outfits. These adorable and lively prints further parallel your bright personality. As a whole, this flowy off-shoulder dress is the perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics, giving off a refreshing look. 

Outfit: Kayle Reversible Slip Dress (White)

Price: $40.90

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8. Goat

Lucky Colour: Blue

The Goats are high achievers with the abilities to back it up, making you the quintessential career woman. Your next outfit should also fit perfectly into your neat and well-organised wardrobe. Your degree of sophistication is apparent by your natural attraction to chic and smart outfits.

Outfit: Reunion Cheongsam Dress (Blue)

Price: $39.90

9. Monkey

Lucky Colour: Red

Those born in the Year of the Monkey are conscious of how others view their outfits. You would prefer a conservative style which displays your trademark maturity and stability. This vibrant shade of red which portrays summer vibes is an ideal match with your sunny outlook on life. 

Outfit: Iora Jumpsuit (Red)

Price: $41.90

10. Rooster

Lucky Colour: Pink + Blue

colourful trapeze dress by nature

Women born in the Year of the Rooster are opportunists, waiting for a chance to shine. This Chinese New Year, seize this opportunity to unleash the fashionista inside of you with this trapeze dress. It boasts of a bright harmony of colours that gives off a youthful exuberance.

Outfit: Apple Garden Trapeze Dress (Pink)
Price: $42.90

11. Dog

Lucky Colour: Yellow + White

yellow lordy spag top

Those born in the Year of the Dog are practical people and want their outfits to be suitable for as many occasions as possible. In sunny Singapore, you would love an outfit that keeps them cool and mobile. This simplistic yet alluring design easily accentuates the femininity in their wearer. 

Outfits: Lordy Spag Top (Yellow)

Price: $33.90

12. Pig

Lucky Colour: Red

navy red puff sleeve dress among nature

Those born in the Year of the Pig are the life of the party. Opting for outfits that are elegant yet spirited, you love to be adored like a princess. This dress allows you to show off your glamorous side while allowing enough freedom to move around the party like the true party queen you are. 

Outfit: Puff Sleeve Slit Mididress (Navy/Red)

Price: $38.90


Kala Family Outfit

family in matching kala outfit

We simply must include these adorable outfits designed for the whole family! The kaleidoscope of bright colours will inject joy and smiles into your family reunion as they buzz over your fashion sense and #familygoals. Who said that adulting had to be boring? 


Kala Reversible Top ($32.90)

Kala Men’s Shirt       ($40.90)

Little Kala Dress       ($32.90) 

Little Kala Tee           ($33.90)

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