Ultimate Guide for Picking your Chinese New Year Outfits in Singapore

Must look like chio-bu

Ever caught yourself in a fashion mishap or as they would call it, fashion faux pas? Finding the perfect, modern Lunar New Year outfit that isn’t too common with consideration that it would be appropriate in a family setting is not the easiest. Stick around to get tips and inspirations to style your timeless pieces through this Ultimate Guide for Picking your Chinese New Year Outfits in Singapore.

Step 1: Look through some of these inspirations!

Have a rough idea of what kind of look you’re going for and one that suits your personality best! Refer to the photos below to decide. Keep in mind that it is quintessential that you feel comfortable because when you do, that’s when you’re most confident!

Step 2: Decide on the undertones of your skin.

This is probably the deciding factor of how radiant you could look. Wearing the right colours would compliment your skin tone best and make you appear more lively in your complexion. We all have different undertones and they’re categorised between either a cool, warm or neutral! 

(I) Warm Undertones (Green Veins)

Jewellery: Gold & Rose Gold

Best suit: Oranges, reds, golden yellow, amber, honey gold, warm greens & blues, magenta, taupe & creamy whites.

(II) Cool Undertones (Blue Veins)

Jewellery: Silver & Rose Gold

Best suit: Shocking pink, ruby, bright rose, gray, navy & pristine white.


(III) Neutral Undertones (Mix of Blue & Green / Purple Veins)

Jewellery: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

Best suit: Light dusty pinks, soft rose, blush-toned pinks, jade and cameo green, taupes, off-whites & grays.  

Step 3: Find a stand-out piece that you love.

It could be a bag, a pair of shoes, a statement jewellery, a top, a bottom or even a lip colour! The goal is to build your look around your main statement piece.



Statement Jewellery: 


(Photo Credits: Pinterest, Infuse Hamber, Honeycombers, SheIn, Plumed Surpent Bridal, Pop Sugar & Diys.com)

Step 4: Pair that statement piece with something you currently already own!

This helps you to save some extra bucks while repurposing pieces in your wardrobe. For example, you could always pair the more basic pieces you have like a plain silk blouse with the statement piece you’ve picked in Step 3. 


→ TIP #1: Matching Jewellery to Outfits

If you were to pick a statement jewellery that is gold, go with a warm colour palette for the rest of your outfit. It would compliment and tie the look together since gold is a warm-toned jewellery piece. If it’s silver, then go with a cooler colour palette. Refer to the photos below!

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

→ TIP #2: Go with a bold lip colour if you’re feeling risqué

It’s the simplest way for you to jazz up an outfit without trying too hard! However, be sure to tone down everything else so you don’t look too overdressed. There should always be one focal point in your overall look. The key is to look effortlessly chic!

Notice how these are pretty much simple outfits but the different impacts it has with a bold lip choice? It stands out more doesn’t it?

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

However, these are just guidelines! Fashion is all about expressing yourself so don’t be afraid to test waters and venture out of your comfort zone. Just have fun and eat loads this Lunar New Year!

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Venuerific wishes you a Happy Lunar New Year! 

Xīn Nián Kuài Lè!

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