5 Safe Locations to Survive after the Apocalypse in Singapore

Recently, Singaporeans were presented with a snippet of what would happen if an apocalypse broke out. We freely ransacked supermarket aisles, creating literal Mama shops and surgical mask cartels…

What happens if an apocalypse really happens? It could be a result of global warming, unstoppable super viruses or everyone’s favourite, a zombie outbreak.

As society breaks down, you have become one of the lucky (or unfortunate) ones to survive. One day, your house will run out of food and water and you will be forced to venture out for survival.

As you venture out to find new shelter, your hiding place should be:

  1. Relatively isolated or ulu. 


  2. Near important facilities or food sources.


  1. Sturdy

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Singapore is a densely populated area with few natural resources. Most of us do not have green fingers and probably have to rely on non-perishables to survive. Before you die of loneliness, gather a crew of trusted people to fulfil roles like scouts, gatherers, sacrifices um, I meant heroes.

With that in mind, we have prepared the 5 Safe Locations to Survive the Apocalypse in Singapore.

1. Build Another Safe Haven @ Faber Peak

Faber Peak hilltop restaurant

Beautiful hilltop view of Singapre

Beautiful event space on Mount FaberImage Credit to Faber Peak

In a doomsday scenario, the global climate could possibly be skewed beyond salvation. When that happens, our tiny island surrounded by water could be flooded. Head immediately for the high ground.

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Defensible and isolated, Faber Peak also provides ample shelter from the elements. With such lush greenery all around, there should be plenty of food for you to forage. 

Before the end of the world happens, take the opportunity to scout the area and indulge yourself in their amazing F&B options while you still can. After that, since you are already facing the apocalypse, at least have a scenic, unobstructed view of how it all goes down.  Discover now!

Address: 109 Mount Faber Rd, Singapore 099203

Capacity: 10 - 100 pax

2. Bunker Down @ CSHH Coffee Bar

CSHH Coffee Bar Courtyard

Cosy interior of CSHH Coffee Bar

Image Credit to CSHH Coffee Bar

Form your own community of survivors at the CSHH Coffee Bar like the Walking Dead’s Kingdom. The first thing you notice is that this rustic cafe has a rare built in metal gate, which should protect you from invaders or lumbering zombies. 

Image Credit to Project Fandom

The interior is spacious and cosy, granting you an idyllic afternoon that anyone can appreciate. Even in the middle of an apocalypse. What’s more, you can even spend sleepless nights gazing at the stars from the front courtyard. 

Before the end of the world comes, do not miss the chance to grab their ambrosial coffee and locally-made coffee beer at the first ever 360-degree coffee bar in Singapore. Discover more today!

Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207563

Capacity: 60 - 155 pax

3. Entertain Yourself @ RGB Space

2nd entertainment level in RGB Space

RGB Space entertainment event space

Image Credit to RGB Space

Some of us have been waiting for this moment. NO MORE societal responsibility. No more waking up at 7 am. You can finally smash that annoying alarm clock to bits. We are free to laze around without judgement. 

What better place to live out your calling as a couch potato than the RGB Space, which is full of entertainment games and cosy couches. In an apocalypse, becoming the world’s best pool player is no longer a dream. If needed, the pool cues can even double as a weapon.

You can only access the RGB Space through a single walkway, making it easily defensible. While being situated in Little India means there are ample supplies around, just stay on the alert for other scavengers!

Before the apocalypse arrives, take full advantage of their cool party facilities while we still have electricity. Discover more today!

Promo: For a limited time, book an event from 7 pm – 3 am for a very special bundle price. Weekdays (Mon – Thurs) for only $460. Weekends & PH + Eve (Fri – Sun) for only $880. Book via Venuerific now! Promo Code: AFTER7RGB

Address: 11 Cuff Rd, Singapore 209722

Capacity: 10 - 100 pax

4. Abundant Food Sources @ Dallas Boat Quay

Dallas Boat Quay riverfront view restaurant

Dallas Boat Quay level 2 and 3

The Dallas Boat Quay is a culinary haven located right beside the Singapore River. If you are lucky, perhaps you could still salvage their amazing handpicked wines from Australia and New Zealand. 

With such accessibility to the Singapore River, as long as you learn how to fish, you won’t ever need to worry about food. If you are not alone, the three levels of space will give you ample space for some privacy.  Discover more!

Address: 31 Boat Quay, Singapore 049820

Capacity: 20 - 80 pax 

5. Escape on a yacht @ Catamaran Kucinta

affordable yachts

view from a yacht

Image Credit to Catamaran Kucinta

Remember the final scene from the doomsday movie 2012? They were on a ship overlooking a new world. Hopefully, that could be you. 

Among the many yachts in ulu Raffles Marina, you will find the Catamaran Kucinta. A yacht promises unrestricted access to food, as long as you can keep it running. You don’t even have to worry about scavengers. Pick a scenic island with ample natural resources to live out the rest of your life. 

Luckily you do not have to experience the apocalypse to enjoy the luxurious facilities aboard the Catamaran Kucinta. Discover more today!

Address: 10 Tuas West Dr, Singapore 638404

Capacity: 10 - 25

If the end of the world does come…

As one of the few survivors, the duty to rebuild humanity lies with you. Or not. Just don’t forget to keep that spark of joy within you alive with celebrations! Celebrate that 100th Survival Day or the End of the World Anniversary.

Most importantly, 

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end of the world in sg  

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