New: Save Time and Effort with Smart Calendar System

Do you always find yourself answering inquiries for a day that is already fully booked? How about the long delays when you communicate with the clients for a suitable timing? Imagine being able to speed up the booking process, while improving your conversion rates at the same time. 

The Venuerific team understands the importance of a seamless booking experience for venue owners and event organisers alike. Hence, we are excited to announce the Smart Calendar System – a fully automated feature designed to enhance the communication process between event organisers and venue owners. 

Save time and effort with the latest Smart Calendar System

The Smart Calendar System helps venue owners manage event bookings with greater accuracy and ease while aiding event organisers in selecting a suitable venue. 

With the new Smart Calendar System, the event organisers and venue owners have a bird-eye view of the available dates and timings of the venues. Convenient, isn’t it? You may even set your own coloured icons to display the availability of your different rooms.  

The ‘Day’, ‘Week’ and ‘Month’ feature allow you to alternate easily between what type of view you want. 

That’s not all! Whenever the venue owner accepts an event booking on Venuerific, the event will automatically be updated real-time in their calendar.  For bookings from external platforms, simply head to the ‘Edit Calendar’ function to update it. 

Furthermore, venue owners are able to see which rooms are the most popular and which rooms need a little marketing help. The event schedules for all rooms are consolidated in one place, for easy organisation. The entire team can view it as well, to ensure no double bookings are made.

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Venuerific is constantly adding new features to help you manage your venue bookings and assist event organisers in choosing suitable event spaces. Take advantage of this new Calendar feature and earn up to an additional $30,000 per month by listing with Venuerific! Click here to learn more today!

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