Venuerific Choice Awards 2021: Winners Revealed

And it’s a wrap. Venuerific Choice Awards 2021 has finally come to an end! Thank you to everyone who showed their love and support for their favourite venues. This time around we had 10 sponsors who sponsored more than $5000 worth of attractive prizes! And, the lucky prize winners have already been notified 🙂 Most importantly, through Venuerific Choice Awards 2021, we were able to commemorate 8 exceptional venues that showed remarkable performances this past year. 

4 awardees were chosen under Venuerific’s pick. They were from the categories of ‘Rising Star Venue’, ‘Most Innovative Event Venue’, ‘Most Intimate Wedding Venue’ and ‘Most Resilient Event Venue’. The remaining 4 awardees were chosen by our voters. Their categories include ‘Most Popular Event Venue’, ‘Best Restaurant Event Venue’, ‘Best Cafe Event Venue’ and ‘Best Yacht Event Venue’. 

Here are the 8 venues that snagged the awards:

Venuerific’s PicksVenuerific Choice Awards 2021 winners (venuerific's pick)

For the Rising Star Venue, Eat At My Kitchen showed incredible promise in attracting a high volume of event organisers. Despite being a relatively new venue, this event space has generated high inquiries and is a deserving winner of this category!

For Most Innovative Event Venue, Lifelong Learning Institute has demonstrated creative executions in their event space. It has reflected an innovative blend of space, infrastructure and amenities. With their unique use of space, various groups of audiences have been attracted to this venue! 

For Most Intimate Wedding Venue, we have 222 Arts Club which generated the highest number of inquiries for a romantic event type (weddings, solemnisation, etc). This spacious and unfurnished event space has played an integral role in etching unforgettable experiences for many couples in Singapore!

For Most Resilient Event VenueRoyal Eternity Tea House has emerged stronger from the tougher times of the pandemic. With its adaptable business plan, this venue has catered to different event types and successfully attracted the eyes of many event planners in the city!

Voters’ Picks Venuerific Choice Awards 2021 winners (voters pick)

For the Most Popular Event Space, the winner is Here.SGHere.SG has successfully gained the most number of votes and positioned itself as the most popular venue on our platform! This dynamic space, which has catered to many, has received a lot of love and support during this awards.  

For the Best Restaurant Event Venue, KOMYUNITI Bar and Restaurant has taken the lead! This gorgeous venue is more than a restaurant, carrying the young energy of a community residing within. This hip event space has hosted both formal and informal affairs and comes equipped with a mouthwatering menu at hand. 

For the Best Cafe Event Venue, Luna has been chosen as the winner! Luna is a beautiful and minimalist event space located in Buona Vista that has attracted event organisers from around the country. This family-friendly space serves the right blend of food and amenities for you to have an enjoyable party experience with your guests. 

For the Best Yacht Event Venue, The Admiral at Marina at Keppel Bay was chosen as the winning sail! This yacht has been designed for luxurious cruising and has satisfied many of its guests to date. Perfect for an evening getaway with your friends and family, The Admiral has won the hearts of many and emerged as the winner of this category. 

Congratulations to our winners!

And these are the final 8 contenders who clinched victory in Venuerific Choice Awards 2021! These 8 winners are celebrated due to their meaningful contributions to the events community. They have helped make someone’s event a lot more memorable with their space, service and amenities. So, kudos to all of them! Not to mention, the competition for Venuerific Choice Awards 2021 was really really tough. Hence, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the remaining nominees for having come this far! 

Thank you to our sponsors

We would also like to give a special shoutout to our sponsors, who made Venuerific Choice Awards 2021 all the more exciting for our participants. Thank you to iFly Singapore, Beaute Hub brand (Beaute Nails, Beaute Hub, BH Medical Aesthetics), Motion Art Space, BHuman, F.EAST Chips, On the List, Conspiciouscents, Anjali Chocolat, VR World and T2 Bakery. Your products, services and experiences will surely be of delight to our winning voters!

Sponsors for Venuerific Choice Awards 2021

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