How to Create a Fun Virtual Christmas Party 2021

Virtual Secret Santa 🎁

online secret santa

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Having a secret santa for a virtual Christmas party is not impossible, but it may take a little bit more effort. You can each randomly pick a name and buy the gift for that person. After the gift is beautifully wrapped, send it to the receiver without giving away your name. And on the day, you can unwrap the gifts together through a virtual meeting platform. It would be fun to have each of you guess who the sender is!

Virtual Escape Room and Murder Mystery πŸ”

virtual escape room for virtual Christmas party

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Everyone needs some challenge once in a while. To keep your virtual party entertaining, solving an escape room or a murder mystery is the way to go. Here are our recommendation of virtual escape room and murder mystery games:

Virtual murder mystery

Free Virtual escape room

Christmas Scavenger Hunt πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

virtual scavenger hunt

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Scavenger hunt may sound complicated to be done virtually, but no worries! You can do an easy scavenger hunt such as having them find certain items in their house and the one who can show it in front of the camera the fastest, wins. You can even make it Christmas themed such as β€œget a purple Christmas decoration”, β€œget a childhood photo of yours celebrating Christmas”, and more!

Not being able to meet your family and friends for Christmas day may be disappointing. However, with the right activity, all of you can still have fun during a virtual Christmas party. Go get your Santa hat ready and invite them now!

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