Unique Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Singapore 2021

It’s finally that time of the year where you get to pull out your costumes and celebrate the spooky traditions of Halloween! Granted it might be a little different again this year, we’ve got a guide on Celebrating Halloween in Singapore in 2021! Keep reading to find out how to put your costumes to use!😌

1. Set Up a Movie Marathon 

This Halloween, watch every scary movie you can think of, by setting up a spooky movie marathon with your friends. Buy an assortment of Halloween-themed snacks and fun party goods, and create a movie playlist! It’s truly the perfect way to celebrate the festive spooky night. You can also book All to Gather or Here.SG, both where you can bring your own stuff to decorate the room and watch movies on projectors. And, get some perfect pictures for you to cherish (and post, of course!).

3 people watching a movie

Photo Credits to Here.SG

2. Do a Virtual Halloween Quiz

Download some funky backgrounds for zoom, dress your scariest and do a quiz night with your friends! Choose from Halloween specific topics or go with general knowledge. Chip in $10 each and PayLah! the total to the winner of the quiz. You can make the quiz more fun by getting some takeout and eating your meal together, virtually.

Why not try quizzes and games like Halloween-Themed bingo, or create a game on Kahoot? You can also try out some really cool and free virtual escape rooms, which require lots of teamwork but have become a top fad especially with lockdowns!

friends on a video call
virtual escape room graphic

3. Organise a Scavenger Hunt

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