11 Halloween Events in Singapore 2022 To Bring the Spooks

Halloween in Singapore event venue in singapore

Halloween is a fun time of year where people have a free pass to wear costumes, run in horror mazes, party the night away, and even go ghost hunting. This is a period where everyone of any age can enjoy some tricks and treats—depending on which one they want more of! For this year, up the ante of your festivities with these top 11 Halloween Events in Singapore 2022 that’ll bring the spooks.

Does Singapore celebrate Halloween?

Yes! Home to a plethora of cultures, Singapore definitely has Halloween festivities for everyone in October. There are dozens of Halloween events around the island that parents, children, and groups of friends can participate in!

1. Museum of I Scream (Museum of Ice Cream)

Museum of Ice Cream event space in Singapore 2022
Images from the Museum of Ice Cream

The famous Museum of Ice Cream will turn into a lair of horror as it rebrands as the “Museum of I Scream” for Halloween. Enjoy their 14 uniquely themed exhibits, unlimited ice cream treats and Halloween-themed games when you buy a ticket! Horror season has never been this sweet. 😉

2. Creepy Tales of Singapore Tour (Fridays and Sundays, 7:30 pm)

Event Space in Singapore Creepy Tales of Singapore Tour
Image from Oriental Tours SG

Ever wanted to go ghost hunting? The Creepy Tales of Singapore Tour is open for you and your friends to try this year. Ride around the city as your tourist guides tell you the urban legends of Singapore. 

You won’t go empty handed, too. All tour members are equipped with candles and ghost hunting devices to give the ultimate spooks! Explore famous cemeteries, quiet hills, and walk the trail of war heroes for Halloween in Singapore 2022.

3. Halloween Horror Nights @ Universal Studios Singapore (30 September to 5 November)

Running zombies in Universal Studios Singapore
Image from Resorts World Sentosa

Halloween events in Singapore come and go, but Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights is an icon forever. This year, they are upping the ante with more spine-chilling festivities such as the Killustrator: The Final Chapter and The Hunt for Pontianak. 

Come face-to-face with evil characters and entities; see if you can survive taking a glimpse into their world! Will you step up and willfully encounter ghosts from Malevolent Hallway? Descend down a secret bunker and combat zombies? Follow the footsteps of influencers that had a horrific fate?

Play, hunt, and experience a slightly more terrifying world this Halloween at the Halloween Horror Nights 2022!

4. Midnight Madness @ Marquee Club Singapore (October 29)

Halloween events in Singapore 2022 Marqueeverse poster
Image from Marquee Club Singapore

Less tricks, more treating? If you want to attend a spell-binding Halloween party this 2022, stop by Marquee Club Singapore for Midnight Madness! Themed as the “Marqueeverse,” this party is a gathering for everyone and anyone. 

Free admission also awaits the first 100 guests who arrive in the Marqueeverse wearing full costumes (before 11 pm). Reserve a seat and party the night away as one of the top Halloween events in Singapore 2022!

5. Halloween Night @ Singapore Symphony Orchestra (October 29 and 30)

Singapore Symphony Orchestra 2022
Image from Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Want to enjoy the horror season but want to change up your Halloween events in Singapore this year? Rhe Singapore Symphony Orchestra offers something unique. 

Watch their Halloween Night performance at the Victoria Concert Hall on Oct 29 and Oct 30. Hear how they will transform music into a beautiful but chilling experience, open to all ages this Halloween season.

6. Singapore Famous Murder Story & Ghost Tour (Every Saturday, 7:15 pm)

Oriental Tours in Singapore 2022 event space in Singapore
Image from Oriental Tours SG

Still haven’t found the Halloween events in Singapore for you and your buddies? A Singapore Famous Murder Story and Ghost Tour might take the cake. 

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