Halloween Costumes Singapore: Fun Last Minute Ideas

Girl Halloween Costumes Singapore

Halloween is fast approaching, with Halloween parties popping left and right all month. You never know which one you’re going to join—or when. Thus, if you need a guide on easy and fun Halloween costumes Singapore, we’ve got you covered. 😉

1. Cady Heron from Mean Girls

Cady Heron Halloween Costumes Singapore
Image from Vogue and Seventeen

It’s not just Wednesdays when we wear pink! Cady’s first “Plastics” pink outfit is an easy but iconic wear for a Halloween costume Singapore. You just need a large pink polo, pants, and sneakers to pull this off.

Pro-tip: the more oversized the polo, the better. Cady’s first pink outfit symbolizes how she’s still trying to fit in with the all-pink “Plastics.” Trust us—everyone who has seen Mean Girls knows what your costume is!

2. Ice Cube

Ice Cube Halloween Costumes Singapore
Image from Yahoo News and Thinking Closet.com

Transferring to the world of DIY Halloween costumes Singapore, why not dress up as an ice cube? Hear us out—get out clear trash bags and attach it onto a white shirt. Then, fill it up with clear matte vinyl plastics to give it a cloudy look. 

Just because your look is hazy doesn’t mean you can’t create a clear costume. Put an “ICE” label on your costume. 

Pro-tip: Take this outfit a step further by turning it into a pun. (ICE ICE Baby, like the example above!)

3. Pikachu

Pikachu Halloween Costumes Singapore
Image from DIY beautify and Gina Michele

If you want a costume that resonates with any generation, buy a Pikachu hat and make waves this Halloween season. Put in some effort by wearing a matching yellow shirt, pants, and (optional) Pikachu’s iconic lightning bolt tail.

One-and-done Pikachu costumes are also possible for the extra lazy. Buy a Pikachu onesie and get your Halloween costumes Singapore done with.

Pro-tip: You can create the ears on your own. Cut out samples on a yellow cardboard and add black to its tips. Attach it to a headband after—voila!

4. Cartoonish Thief

Thief Halloween Costumes Singapore
Image from Teenage Singapore

Black and white striped shirt, a black eye mask, and a bag with a dollar sign on it—also a one and done Halloween costume! While robbers don’t look like this in real life, this cartoonish take is very easy to spot.

Pro-tip: Have fun (dance the night away, even) with this effortless and comfortable look. Choose this if you have a big night ahead!

5. M&M candy

M&M candy Halloween Costumes Singapore
Image from Yay Lunch

Going to a Halloween party with your group of friends? Get your solid color shirts out and dress as M&M candy! All you need is the “M” logo stuck in the middle of your shirt and you’ve got yourself a packet of M&Ms.

Pro-tip: Take this a step further by searching the outfits of the cartoon M&Ms.

6. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Halloween Costumes Singapore
Image from 5 Minutes for Mom

Another very recognizable but easy DIY Halloween costume in Singapore is Minnie Mouse. While you may need to find or buy Minnie Mouse ears, other than that you’ve got the entire outfit covered.

Dress as Minnie Mouse by pairing the ears with leggings, a black t-shirt (or leotards) and a red skirt. These items are basics in any woman’s closet, but if you don’t have one—borrowing won’t be much of a problem as well.

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