A Guide to Throwing A Costume Party in Singapore

Having a costume party in Singapore can change things up for your friends and family, who have probably been to so many parties these last few months.

The beauty of holding a costume party in Singapore is that there are so many options. Want a rooftop event with best catering Singapore options? Can do. Want a costume party in an indoor playground? (Have you found your hair and makeup artist Singapore provider btw?) Possible.

All you need to execute these is to plan ahead—just like any other event. If you want to host your first dress up party, don’t worry, this is a checklist of everything you need to know. Have fun!

1. Pick a Party Date and Guests!

Two girls in princess costumes
Image from kokouu

When planning a costume party in Singapore, it is first important to know how many people are coming to your party and when you want to hold it. 

Usually, the prime time to host parties is during Fridays and weekends. However, this means a lot of people are planning parties around this time too, so best to plan ahead! 

How do we know this? Most venue owners have their Fridays and weekends booked before any other day of the week. This can be quite a hassle especially during peak event times like Halloween (when most costume parties are held).

However, thanks to Venuerific’s event management system, double bookings are not possible. Hopefully, this makes it easier for both the customers and vendors to plan a dress up party in Singapore.

2. Choose a theme!

Three girls in cat makeup
Image from Satoshi-K

There are so many ways you can hold a costume party in Singapore. The standard one is to have no theme at all—people just wear whatever character, item, or thing they want. 

Other costume party themes, however, have more of a specific set of rules. Some want an old 1920s themed costume party, either want a pop-culture superhero party, and others want to dress according to their venue theme. 

3. Find the Perfect Venue!

The perfect dress up party venue in Singapore is just around the corner. What is great about Singapore is that it is a diverse and lively island, so it has something for any kind of party, whatever its theme. 

7Th Heaven Cafe area with two people with microphones and a costume

For starters, those who want a general costume party (no rules, just come dressed however you want), can check out the 7th Heaven Cafe. With its spacious party rooms that have karaoke, celebrating an affordable but fun costume party in Singapore is possible here.

You can also consider hosting your next costume party in Singapore at The Masons Table. Equipped with an elegant ambiance and only a few minutes from the Central Business District, this area is perfect for a Victorian costume party. 

Masons Table eating area and two girls in royal costumes
Image from Glamour

Have your friends dress up as royals from whatever era of history and enjoy each other’s creativity! 

In contrast to a “Regal” costume party in Singapore is a Superhero-themed costume party in Singapore. This one is easy, popular, and all too fun. 

Stal receiving area with metal sculptures and a girl in an Incredibles costume
Image from Northern Wind Comics

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