Office Party Ideas in Singapore? Here are the Top 5!

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What’s the best way to take a break from your tiring and stressful 9 to 5 work? An office party! However, remember that coming up with office party ideas should not be a hassle. We’re here to help you come up with some new and refreshing office party themes that will make all your co-workers show up at the venue:

1. Pot Luck Lunch

Pot luck is a great theme to encourage conversation and good food sharing with your co-workers. Everyone is encouraged to bring whatever casual dish they want. You can let the guests put their unique spin on the dish or bring the traditional food within their area.

A little party decoration will go a long way as well! To prevent your social event from looking like an office-themed birthday party, decorate the venue based on the dishes you want the guests to bring. Are you aiming for Mexican? Western? Mediterranean? The choice is yours, but consider accommodating everyone’s preferences too.

Book Cloud 9 as your office party venue now! There are a lot of amenities your guests can enjoy before and after they devour scrumptious dishes. There’s a karaoke machine, projector and TV, video game consoles, foosball table, and assorted board games to keep the guests busy. 

Cloud 9's interior and rooftop, perfect for work party ideas

2. Summer BBQ Party

Summer is one of the best seasons to host a BBQ party for the office! Be sure to have some cold and refreshing beverages in stock since you don’t want to parch your guests during a hot summer day. You can also take your party to the next level by setting up games that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Make sure not to bore your guests with the classic burgers and hot dogs. You can kick it up a notch by adding burger toppings and serving snacks along with the BBQs. For dessert, you can serve the classic s’mores or popsicles. 

Send out all those party invitations and leave the hassle of finding the perfect location to us. Consider Stal as your summer BBQ party venue! Its rooftop is the ideal spot for a summer party since it has a pool and BBQ facilities. Enquire via Venuerific today.

Rooftop of Stal

3. Game Night

Games are the perfect activities and icebreakers during parties. Ensure everyone in the office will be on the same wavelength by arranging fun, collaborative games! 

Participation in the games may start with the invitations you will give out. Kickstart the game night by designing the invitations like a board game or sending riddles and clues for the guests to solve. A drinking game is an excellent addition to your to-do list if you are partying without your co-worker’s kids.

Don’t forget the prizes! If you want to raise the amount of prizes, you can ask your co-workers to pitch in a few bucks before the party. To ensure that most of the guests will win, you can also give out raffles and lottery tickets.

If you are looking for an ideal venue to host your game night, check out All to Gather! With 3,200 sq ft of space, you can basically invite every department in your office or up to 200 guests. The venue has a full bar, stage, sound systems, game consoles, dart boards, pool table, and many more. Book this location at Venuerific now!

Interior of All to Gather

4. Awards Night

Gather the best of the best and ensure the employees of the month are recognized by throwing an awards night office party. Give the party a celebrity feel by encouraging them to “dress to impress.” Have enough budget to rent a limo? Do it and let the employees pose beside, inside, or over the car!

There are a lot of impressive Hollywood invitation templates on the web that you can use. Make sure to prepare the trophies as awards! Leave the decoration to the hands of the venue coordinators, but try requesting an ambiance worthy of the stars.

No matter the size of the guest list, the best venue for such lavish office party themes is Pan Pacific Singapore! Check out their impressive Pacific and Ocean Ballroom to experience a world-class five-star accommodation.

Pan Pacific Singapore's aerial view and interior for office party themes

5. Top Chef Party

Let’s see who’s the best cook at the office by hosting a Top Chef office party! Arrange cooking challenges where the office workers can shred cabbage instead of paper and follow recipes instead of memos.

Attend the Top Chef party, make some delectable dishes, and share them with your officemates. This is the best way to get your culinary thinking caps on and show everyone that you have other skills besides your 40 wpm typing speed!

Host the Top Chef office party at City on a Hill. This multi-functional event space can accommodate up to 50 pax and is conveniently located within walking distance to public transportation.

City on a Hill kitchen and gaming area

We hope the list of work party ideas has helped you come up with potential office party themes you can use. You can also plan ahead and check out some office Christmas party ideas. The lion city won’t run out of the best venues for any social event, and they can be found here at Venuerific!

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