6 Unique Ideas for a Zero Waste Valentine’s Day 2020

The festival of love is finally here. On the most romantic day of the year, there is no lack of love as couples reaffirm their commitment towards each other. But in the midst of all these romantic extravaganza, we might have neglected someone important. No, not the singles. Not your pets. But Mother Earth.  

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Every Valentine’s Day, the amount of waste produced is staggering. According to Channel News Asia, the number of flowers sold for each Valentine’s Day generates millions of tons of carbon emissions and waste. (link) Not to mention the sweets and cards that are discarded freely. 

Choose to make a difference this Valentine’s Day by making it a zero waste event. After all, what better way to show love than having the heart to care for the environment?  

If you need a place to start, we have compiled 6 Unique Ideas for a Zero Waste Valentine’s Day 2020 that are sure to create a meaningful and memorable date.

1. Volunteering 

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When we were still schooling, I’m sure most of us dreaded “volunteering” for the compulsory Community Involvement Project (CIP). As we grew older, we learnt about the importance of social responsibility. This Valentine’s Day, experience the joy of volunteerism first-hand by doing your part for the environment. 

A heart-warming activity like this is sure to leave both of you with good feelings and lasting memories. Who knows? Both of you may even fall in love with volunteering and make it a regular date activity.

An activity we would like to suggest is a Valentine’s Day Coastal Clean-up at Kranji Mudflats by Nature’s Society. By cleaning up the mudflats, you will be contributing towards creating a thriving environment for the wildlife there. 

2. Go to a Museum or Gallery

Mint museum of toys

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Museums are an underrated location for a date. Rest assured that you will never run out of conversation as you uncover intriguing facts that will blow your mind. Art also evokes different emotions and memories for everyone. For a first date, it is the perfect place to learn more about your partner. For other couples, it may prove to be a welcome change of pace from your usual dating activities. 

Check out the cool Mint Museum of Toys which features vintage toys from the 1840s to the 1940s. If you prefer something more modern, the Deck SG periodically holds cutting edge gallery exhibitions. 

Remember to get your digital tickets instead of printed ones!

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3. Shopping and Cooking Together

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The way to a man’s or a woman’s heart is through the stomach. For Singaporeans, this statement rings doubly true. However, this year, we would like you to consider forgoing the fancy, stereotypical seafood restaurant. Instead, with the Internet’s help, strive to transform your kitchen into zero-waste. Go shopping for sustainable ingredients together and spend quality time in the comfort of your own home by preparing a home-cooked meal. 

A return to simplicity is a greatly appreciated break away from life’s great rush. While it might not be the rest you deserve, it could be the rest you need.


4. Building your own sustainable terrarium

sustainable terrariums at love in a bottle

Image Credit to Love In A Bottle SG

What better way to bring two people together than a labour of love? At the aptly-named Love In A Bottle, build your own self-sustaining terrarium! You may design them according to themes like your favourite pop culture icons. To make it a zero-waste activity, bring your own glass containers or decorations from home.

Their workshops are affordable and enjoyable, so sign up now

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5. Upcycling Workshops

glass bottle led lamp

Image Credit to Terra SG

Do you still remember Art Attack, the art show from the 90s? Using only common household items, they somehow manage to create artworks that are beautiful yet functional. That is the art of upcycling. You can now recreate your own Art Attack moment with the variety of upcycling workshops held throughout Singapore.

For example, Terra SG offers a wide variety of upcycling workshops. Explore how those seemingly drab household items can be given a new lease of life. Learn to craft amazing gifts such as a Glass Bottle LED Lamp or even design your very own cushions! There is no better gift to show your sincerity than a handmade one!

6. Sweat it Out

Image Credit to Adventoro Singapore

A couple that works out together stays together. Instead of hitting the gym, try these unique and interesting work-out programmes such as yoga, crossfit or even parkour! They bring a fun element to the workouts that will make you exercise without realising it.  

Our personal suggestion is going for a stand-up paddling trip along Sungei Tampines but do remember to bring your sunblock!

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