7 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day Single in Singapore

Wa men ti, wa men ti, why am I still single? Is it fate? Or is it just me? Don’t get me wrong though. I’m usually enjoying my single life. However, as Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s difficult to not feel bad about being single.

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So how does one get through Valentine’s Day in Singapore? Essentially, for lack of a better expression, misery loves company. Gather your single friends for some light-hearted revelry and flaunt your singlehood together with this S.I.N.G.L.E.S guide, comprising of seven ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Singapore.

1. Stop Light Party @ Fat Chap

Great food at Fat Chap

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If you can’t fill the void in your heart, at least fill the pang in your stomach. At the Fat Chap’s Anti Valentine Day Party, indulge yourself on all the sinful food you want. If that is not enough, pick your favourite tunes and sing to your heart’s content. If that is still not enough, pick up a bat and smash some pinatas.

And you can’t miss the highlight of the party, a Stop Light segment where we use Red/Yellow/Green to identify the attendee’s relationship status. No more waiting at the sidelines. Get your wingmen. Time to mingle around. Who knows? This might be the last time you are spending Valentine’s day as a single. 

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Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-643 Tower 4, Singapore 038983 
Capacity: 50 - 300

2. Indian Cuisine @ Gabbar 


great venue for singles to go on Valentine's DayGabbar restaurant, perfect for singles Valentine's Day dinner on Valentine's Day for singles

For dinner, you would need something heavy and filling. Gabbar, located at Clarke Quay, serves authentic Indian Cuisine ranging from tantalizing Tandooris to heartthrob kebabs. With a unique meld of indoors and outdoors design, Gabbar gives off a refreshing and fun vibe which is accentuated by their DJs and live bands. Fun fact. The restaurant’s name ‘Gabbar’ means ‘proud and strong’ which all singles should aspire to be on Valentine’s. Discover more!

Address: 3B River Valley Road, Block B Clarke Quay, #01-14, 179021
Capacity: 90 - 150

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3. Novelty Cafe @ King and the Pawn

novelty cafe king and the pawn

board games with friends on Valentine's Day

Image Credit to King and the Pawn

Engage in an electrifying battle of wits with your friends at King and the Pawn! Featuring more than 300 board games, this cafe features a cosy lounge that envelopes you in a homely atmosphere. If you want to amp the atmosphere up a notch, they have beer on the tap. Now, instead of the common drinking games, you have more than 300 at your fingertips. If their wide collection makes you dizzy, look for their friendly staff who will gladly assist you in finding your perfect board game. Personally, I always go for the bluffing games. The fun factor scales exponentially with the size of the group so the more the merrier! Discover more!

Address: 24 Purvis Street, Level 2, Singapore 188601
Capacity: 1 - 70 pax

4. Gaming Night @ Bountie Arena

gaming with friends on Valentine's Day in Singapore

darts on Valentine's Day in Singapore

Escape to the virtual world where Valentine’s Day is non-existent. However, if you still spot any couples… you can just shoot them down. 

Bountie Arena is a dream man-cave given physical form. Spoil yourself with their state-of-the-art computers and luxurious gaming chairs. For the best experience, book their VIP gaming rooms. After a long day of saving the world (or destroying it), recharge yourself with their savoury instant noodles and speciality bubble tea. 

Even if you are not a hardcore gamer, don’t fret. Nestle yourself comfortably in the beanbags in their console corners with party games suited for everyone. 

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Address: 1 Fusionopolis Way, #B1-06/07/08, Singapore 138632
Capacity: 30 - 200

5. Live it Up @ District 10 Bar and Grill

where to get drinks if you are single on Valentine's Day in Singapore

drinks with a view in Singapore

If you feel like chilling with drinks or to meet other singles, head down to the visually pleasing District 10 Bar and Grill. Grab a seat outdoors and drink to a rare and awe-inspiring view of the Suntec’s city towers.  

That said, District 10 is more than just a swanky, alfresco bar. Famous for their dry-aged meat, the tasty and tender Angus meat will bring out the inner gourmet in you. With their live band adding to the festive atmosphere, find that life offers so much more pleasures than to dwell on singlehood. 

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Address: 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983
Capacity: 50 - 130

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6. Escape from Reality @ Your Home

hanging out with friends is a great alternative on Valentine's Day

If you want to avoid seeing couples at all cost, the best bet is to stay home. But hey, who says you can’t enjoy yourself at home? So put that Eric Zhou’s song on pause and start preparations for a house gathering!

Organize a steamboat dinner. Call for pizza. Make it a potluck. Be too busy hosting your friends to think about anything else. After that, bunker down on the sofa with Netflix or a Switch. 

7. Shiok Pizza @ Pizza Express

Valentine's Day lunch at pizza express with single friends

great pizza for singles on Valentine's day

For lunch, Pizza Express is perfect for a group of friends this Valentine’s day. The modernistic pizzeria offers a total of eleven types of pizza. Challenge your group to order as many different types of pizza as possible and give your taste buds a treat with their eclectic flavours. Then, cap it all off with any of their savoury desserts. I personally recommend the Big, Bad Brownie that is as glorious as it sounds. Discover more!

Address: 7 Straits View, Singapore 018936 
Capacity: 50 - 300

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