5 Practical Ways to Host an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Party in Singapore

It’s no surprise when it comes to events, there is huge wastage whether it’s leftover food, plastic utensils, one-time use of decorations, and more. As we all take a step towards creating a more sustainable environment in the world, Venuerific team has put together a list of different ways to host your events in a more sustainable way this year and make a difference in the world. Encourage your friends, share the article, and let’s all celebrate the holidays in an environmentally friendly way! Venuerific is Southeast Asia’s largest event venue platform and as we generate thousands of events every month in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Indonesia, we have put together 5 Practical Ways to Host a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Party this 2020. So, get on board the sustainable train now with us!

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Here are 5 Practical Ways to Host a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Party in Singapore to get you started.

1. Choose The Right Venue

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The Loft, Venuerific Venue

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Picture Credit to KIN&CO, Venuerific Venue

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Picture Credit to Chun Tsubaki, Venuerific Venue

The venue is one of the main important factors in hosting a sustainable party. First, you can choose a venue that is very near public transportation, like Singapore Cricket Club or Host, so your guests will more likely use MRT or bus rather than bring their own vehicles emitting carbon dioxide. We both know using public transportation can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it means taking part in reducing global warming.

Second, go for a venue that offers natural lighting. By choosing a venue that lets in plenty of natural light, you can keep your guests’ moods energized while saving cost and environment by not renting additional lighting and reduce your event’s carbon footprint in order to host a sustainable event. Need some recommendations for unique venues that have large windows with natural light? You can check out The Loft, KIN&CO, and Chun Tsubaki.

Third, instead of hosting your event inside the building, maybe you can think to host it in the late afternoon at an outdoor venue with a pool so keeping that refreshing vibes all around! One of our best recommendations is Pool Deck by Orchard Hotel Singapore.

2. Environmentally-friendly Food and Beverages

delicious food and beverage for christmas party

Choose food options with a smaller carbon footprint, such as chicken, turkey, or even vegetables. Did you know a vegan diet makes the smallest carbon footprint and least amount of consumer waste? Below is a chart that shows the different types of food diet and their impact environmentally.

Picture Credit to Green Eatz

Avoid food like beef and lamb because they carry a high environmental cost. Other than that, avoid paper plates, styrofoam, and paper boxes for takeaway food. Opt-in for reusable tableware, like glass, ceramic, etc. The other important thing is no water bottles at your party! If you’re thinking to host your sustainable party in a venue where you can bring your own external catering that can serve local seasonal vegetables and sustainable seafood, you can take a look at venues like The Vending Space or Lulu’s Lounge.

3. No Single-Use Plastics

beautiful reusable tableware made from wood

Ready to go the extra mile to make it even more sustainable? Then say NO to plastic! So that means no plastic straws, no plastic spoons and forks, and no decoration that you will buy and throw away after the party. Opt-in for wooden utensils or bring your own to make it even friendlier. Remember to consider the long term effects on the environment when you use plastics at your party.

4. Save Trees with Digital Invitation

save environment save tree

This is already practised quite frequently in the corporate events industry for meetings and conferences sending calendar invites and also sending an Eventbrite link to your colleagues. When it comes to birthday parties or even weddings, sending physical invitation cards is still practised. Why not opt-in for Facebook Event invites, create a Whatsapp group for your birthday party, or even create a simple website for the party using WIX? One more thing, use digital signage so you don’t need to print any kind of vinyl banner because it’s not easily recyclable. Besides protecting the environment, these decorations will make your party look even cooler too!

5. Zero Waste = Zero Hunger

zero waste with reusable tableware

A crucial factor in planning your sustainable  party is to ensure that nothing goes to waste. Are you able to stick to completely ZERO WASTE from your party? Remember, you’re going to feed “only” your guests, not the whole town! So you need to work together really well with the venue (if they provide food and drinks) or with the caterer in terms of getting the definite final number of guests before the event. You can consider preparing food on a plate rather than buffet style as well which generally creates high wastage. But if you want to choose a buffet menu, you can consider donating the clean and uneaten food to a local shelter or other charities afterwards (but don’t forget to stick to food regulations)!

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