Where to Work Outside of Home in Singapore

Since Singaporeans started adopting the work from home culture several months ago, the people in the country have been embracing it. As the Straits Times reported, 8 out of 10 Singaporeans now prefer working from home and cited higher productivity as one of the reasons to support the practice.

While we do not support the hogging seat culture, we can’t deny that there are still some of us who miss being out and are sick of looking at the same four walls every day and night on some days. Finding the right place to work is important to increase your productivity and creativity as well.

So, whether you’re a freelancer, self-employed individual or a full-time worker, here is our list of Where to Work Outside of Home in Singapore.

1. Daizu Cafe

cozy and minimalistic japanese cafe

Located at the heart of Rangoon Road, Daizu Cafe has two levels of sitting area and an outdoor alfresco area. You can choose either one based on your preference. 

The alfresco area is good if you want to have a healthy amount of natural lights as you enjoy a good cup of coffee while working. The other option is the second floor if you prefer to work in a quieter environment. No need to worry about your lunch because this Japanese-western fusion cafe serves a good spread of menu. From the popular eggs benedict (with a Japanese spin) to a selection of pasta and rice bowls. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also explore their dessert options that include the classic Chocolate Cake or Bourbon Pecan Pie.

wooden interior of the second floor of daizu cafe

the alfresco are where man is working with his dog

Bring your pets along with you as you work in Daizu Cafe! This minimalistic cafe is also pet-friendly, so on those days when you can’t leave your pets behind, they can always join you in the Alfresco area. Discover more!

Address: 129 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218407
Capacity: 1 – 70 pax

2. Eat At My Kitchen

the outdoor area of eat at my kitchen surrounded with nature

Overlooking the beautiful lush of nature, Eat At my Kitchen is a hidden gem located in Dempsey Hill. For a different experience of working outside of home in Singapore, you definitely need to try this place. 
main dining area with floor to ceiling windowfloral interior at the living room and lounge area

The space is decorated with beautiful floral ornaments and a mix of both vintage and contemporary furnishings that create a balanced and cosy environment for the guests. Not only that, with a dining area, living area, and even a kitchen, you can feel at home as you focus on your work. And if you need to take a breather from your work, simply look up and you’ll be greeted with the lush greenery surrounding the space. Apart from doing your work, this is also a great place to bring your clients to for a lunch meeting or a casual catch up. To know more about Eat At My Kitchen, discover more here!

Address: 8D Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249672
Capacity: 1 – 80 pax

3. King and The Pawn

cozy living room located at the second floor with a lot of sofas

This space is definitely one of our top picks for work friendly cafes, especially in the Central of Singapore. You can either opt for the first floor, where it is filled with a nostalgic and colourful vibe or head to the second floor, where the unique space is designed like a living room with lounge and sofa seatings. If you’re thinking of conducting a work event here, one of the walls also can be used as a screen for a projector if needed.

bar area in front the rack with hundreds of board gamePicture credit to King and The Pawn

If you’re at the space with your friends, definitely try out the collection of board games in the cafe. This one-of-a-kind board game cafe in Singapore has more than 300 games available for you to choose from! Also don’t forget to try their comfort Western foods with a playful twist, beer on tap, and locally-roasted coffee. Discover more here about King and The Pawn!

Address: 24 Purvis St, level 2, Singapore 188601
Capacity: 1 – 70 pax

4. Workfriendly

coworking space area featuring hot desk and lounge area

For those of you who prefer a co-working space with a “lifestyle” approach to working, Workfriendly is for you. With an open concept floor plan, the space is conducive for collaboration and networking, so you can meet new people and grow your business. If you’re a freelancer or solopreneurs working in Singapore, you can enjoy the flexibility of hot desking where you can pick and choose wherever you want to work on that day.

lounge and meeting area with cosy style

Workfriendly is also equipped with Meeting Rooms, Event Space and Lounge Area. So it’s convenient for you to host your work-related events or meetings with your team or clients. Decorated in a very cozy style, you can make your ideas happen here!

brainstorming area with a lot of beanbags and sofas

When you are working, it doesn’t mean you need to be serious all day long! Relax in the Workfriendly Park area where there are a lot of bean bags and sofas where you can take a break from your work with a cup of tea or coffee from the pantry. More details about this venue are here!

Address: 107 Eunos Ave 3, Singapore 409837
Capacity: 2 – 50 pax

As the new regulations allow people to work outside of home and even host a corporate event with up to 50 pax, remember to ensure the venue has safety protocols during your work hour or event. For more places to work from home in Singapore, browse here.

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