Venues for Every Occasion: Event Space for 100 Pax in Kuala Lumpur

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In the bustling urban expanse of Kuala Lumpur, the quest for the perfect event space for 100 pax in KL unveils a world of possibilities. Each corner of this vibrant city offers a canvas for celebrations that leave a mark, a venue that transforms gatherings into cherished memories. As the curtains rise on this guide, we embark on a journey to explore the event spaces in Malaysia that define elegance, functionality, and the essence of the city’s allure. 

Top Small Event Space Options in KL

1. Colony @ Star Boulevard KLCC

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This event space for 100 pax in Kuala Lumpur exudes the charm of New York’s Tribeca district and expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Tailorable to your needs, this venue offers a lush rooftop garden with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers as a backdrop. Its top features include partitioning flexibility, package choices for additional spaces, and complimentary amenities like microphones, projectors, and a stage setup. Check out Colony @ Star Boulevard KLCC!

Best for: Weddings, Dinner and Dance Events

2. Common Ground Bukit Bintang

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Images from Common Ground

This venue offers a clear, breathtaking view of downtown Kuala Lumpur, including the iconic Petronas Twin Towers—perfect for events that make a bang. Common Ground Bukit Bintang is a spacious 21,000-square-foot area spread across three floors in a top-grade office tower at the center of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle. It’s also close to possible vendors for your event, located near Pavilion Mall and other local dining spots.

Best for: Corporate Events, Networking and Cocktail Parties, Coworking

3. B’york KL

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B’york KL stands as a haven of serenity and elegance, inviting you to orchestrate your gatherings and festivities amidst our inviting spaces. With a seasoned event management team, boasting the creative brilliance behind Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur’s esteemed events. This event space for 100 pax in KL also crafts seamless experiences for all occasions. Embracing nature’s essence,B’york KL makes an ideal canvas for jungle-inspired and quirky themes. Let your celebrations thrive in our tranquil yet vibrant embrace. Check out B’york KL!

Best for: Weddings, Birthdays

4. The Grey Box (GMBB)

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Welcome to The Greybox, a dynamic space primed to accommodate a plethora of activities. From captivating art exhibitions and pulsating fashion shows to soul-stirring music performances and engaging corporate talks, this venue flexibly caters to your every need. Hosting a versatile spectrum including mini trade shows, bustling community bazaars, insightful lectures, enriching seminars, and immersive workshops, The Greybox is your canvas for creativity. Check out The Grey Box (GMBB)!

Best for: Art Shows, Music Performances, Seminars

5. Common Ground Ampang

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Images from Common Ground

Another venue under the Common Ground group is Common Ground Ampang. In contrast, this venue is away from the downtown KL hustle and closer to the Golden Triangle. This 22,300-square-foot venue provides a tranquil escape from the city buzz while retaining its urban advantages, promoting a balanced work-life experience for members.

Best for: Coworking, Offsite Meetings, Parties