Venuerific Spotlight: Meet Barouv

meet barouv owner

Welcome back to Venuerific Spotlight—a series where we dive deeper into the stories and culture of Singapore’s top event venue owners and managers! Today, we share the stories and lessons of M. Sanjivan, the events and partnerships director of premier rooftop venue Barouv Singapore. 

It was hailed as the “Most Popular Event Venue” for the Venuerific Choice Awards’ 2023. It commands a sweeping panorama of the city skyline. Barouv is an urban oasis amidst the vibrant tapestry of Singapore. It stands out as more than just a rooftop party venue and social hub – it’s become a dynamic pulse in the heart of the city.

How Barouv Got Started

Despite being a business in its relatively early stages (“I would say that [Barouv] is just starting,” Sanjivan reveals of the venue), Barouv Singapore is not new to the industry itself. The tricks and trades of the venue come from experience—of experiences, rather—from its owners. 

“I’ve been in the F&B industry for a good 8 years; I’ve started from rock bottom just as a club and restaurant promoter,” Sanjivan shares, claiming that these humble beginnings was his training ground for running a business. “I learned the ropes, picked up knowledge about F&B right from the scratch and as I grew older with more experience. I think all my experiences in the last 8 years have led to both the creation and execution of Barouv rooftop.”

Built for Success: The Secret to Barouv

Like other key players in the events industry, Barouv was the by-product of years of testing the waters (or skies!) of F&B. Sanjivan shares that there is a method to the venue; that it’s the way “the place was built, specifically to be a unique events space.” 

To add to Barouv’s unique aesthetic, Sanjivan turns to what he’s seen from around the world. “When the consumer comes in…it’s like walking into a Bali villa,” he says. “You feel like you’re out of Singapore for 2-3 hours of this experience.” 

“You should feel that “Oh, wow!” feeling…like you’re taking a mini holiday,” Sanjivan added. He also said that Barouv is certainly one of his more successful F&B ventures with his partner, and that they base many of its features on what they think Singapore would find useful.

“There’s a lot of experiences that Singapore is lacking. I think that as I travel more and understand [Barouv] more, my goal really is to open experiences to Singapore and the people living in Singapore.”

Venuerific and Barouv