Venuerific Spotlight: Meet SK Hall

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On today’s first instalment of Venuerific Spotlight—a series where we dive deeper into the stories and culture of Singapore’s top event venue owners and managers—we hear from SK Hall’s Directors, Kanthan Jay and Partheebun Saravanan, as they impart the lessons and career development that led to the genesis of SK Hall.

Taking up a quaint space in Norris Road, it might surprise some to find out that SK Hall has it all, from wedding stages to photo booth backdrops, at your disposal, automatically by booking. This approach to venue management is not uncommon, but it is not easily done well. Again, SK Hall has it all—including the right strategy—to make their risky one-and-done approach to venue provision soar. And soar it did: winning “Best Wedding Venue” at the Venuerific Choice Awards 2023

How SK Hall Got Started

Basically, SK Hall is an idea by us events people to make everything easy for our clients,” Kanthan Jay, former events photographer and current SK Hall Director, shares. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic strained many small businesses and events services in Singapore, Jay and Saravanan saw and grabbed an opportunity: with a low demand for intimate events came a higher demand for small capacity gatherings. And with less mobility around the island, a low maintenance events place—that is, you no longer need to look for decorators and vendors—would respond to this need.

From sound systems, table decorations, to decor—everything is done up and extended there for you.” Jay adds about SK Hall, which can hold around 50-70 pax. “Things are easier for booking, it’s a study template, and no-hassle. That’s the reason [SK Hall got started].”

Smiles and Heart: The Secret to SK Hall’s Success

With a long history working in the events industry, Jay and Saravanan knew what an event space in Singapore needed to succeed. However, with high pressure and challenging circumstances, risks had to be taken as well as calculated, and not all calculations were correct. 

[Being a] wedding venue owner is not easy, [there were] a lot of things to learn through 1 and a half years,” Jay stated, further disclosing that everything about SK Hall was done from scratch. The archway decorations, table settings, and bright, minimalist interiors were made possible through trial and error as well as experience. 

When asked about the benchmarks of their success, Jay and Saravanan, unsurprisingly, keep it simple. “If you are satisfied with where your heart is right now, you’re successful,” they maintained. “We’re pretty satisfied with the services that we provide professionally right now, we do it wholeheartedly, [and] when we see smiles [of customers]—that is always the benchmark.

Venuerific and SK Hall