Venuerific Spotlight: Meet SK Hall

Beyond the passion for service and self-satisfaction comes calculated career choices for SK Hall. In order to cater to every type of wedding (including solemnisation and ROM), the space must be both malleable and stand-alone. Moreover, while SK Hall’s aesthetic pretty much sells itself, a little help from outside sources does not hurt too—especially with a growing clientele. 

Venuerific is easy [to use],” Jay reveals of the platform, which has been available to event space owners in SEA since. “[It’s] like using FB or Instagram, [and helps us manage] the admin and client side.”

Word of Advice

As the topic of advice came up, both SK Hall directors had something to say. Saravanan imparts charmingly comforting wisdom: ‘Just do it!’

It’s okay to fail, we failed a lot!” he added, pertaining to SK Hall’s unavoidable growing pains, despite having previously established careers in the events industry. 

Elaborating further, Jay adds, “Listen to your peers, those in the industry; understand the business; do your research [and] your homework, because quality’s the main thing that we look at.”

SK Hall on Moving Forward

SK Hall carved out a space for themselves at a time when small businesses seemed impossible to get off the ground. Serving mainly the wedding industry, the odds were clearly stacked against them, which would have led to disheartening career moves. 

But that didn’t stop Jay and Saravanan from making their mark. It seems like they don’t have any plans of stopping either, because their quaint space has become the canvas in which people choose to paint their life’s milestones. 

There are a lot of pluses and minuses in [the events] business, it’s just a journey.

About the Venue

Venue Name: SK HALL (Check them out on Instagram!)
Capacity: up to 70 seating; up to 91 standing
Prices: starts at $699 (Mondays to Thursdays) and $1,890 (Fridays to Sundays)
Book through: Venuerific today!