13 Unconventional Venues for Prom in Singapore

Prom is definitely an event to remember. Afterall, you’ve spent a significant amount of time with your fellow classmates and CCA friends in school, and it is only fair that you get one night of fun to celebrate graduation with them.

However, if the idea having prom night at a hotel ballroom with a fancy banquet dinner sounds dull to you, this article is for you. Believe it or not, your graduation night can be memorable, fun AND different (and not held in the school hall). Cut the cliché; scrape the hotel ballroom dinner – here’s 13 Unconventional Venues for Prom in Singapore.

1. Capitol Theatre

Located near several MRT Stations like Bras Basah, Raffles Place, City Hall and Esplanade, Capitol Theatre opened its doors to the public last year after a major heritage redevelopment project (closed for 13 years!) valued at around $1.1 billion. The theatre seats can be folded all the way down into the floor to form a flat surface with the press of a button with a computerized system, creating a versatile space that is ideal for hosting arts and film events, live performances, and gala dinners. (The recent Singapore Digital Fashion Week 2015 was also held at the Capitol Theatre!) Its intricate patterns of the 12 zodiac signs on its roof, and the sculptures of winged horses on both sides of the stage make it a perfect venue for a grand and lavish red carpet prom night. (Discover More)


Photo credit: Capitol Theatre 

2. Sea Scent Restaurant

If you would like your prom with a sea view, here’s one for you. Situated at Keppel Bay, Sea Scent Restaurant provides an exquisite view of Sentosa. There are alfresco seats available, allowing you to experience nature at its best. It has a maximum capacity of 400 sitting/600 standing, and has a stage, microphone and projector – all the amenities required for the perfect prom experience. Besides, there’s no need to fuss over food. A wide selection is available on the menu, ranging from BBQ dishes to western cuisine. (Discover More)


3. Canvas Singapore

Creative space by day, nightclub by night. Canvas Singapore is an edgy new-concept that offers a unique experience; where music and art blend in perfect harmony. It is situated by the river in the bustling area of Clarke Quay, and is only a short walk away from Clarke Quay MRT Station. It can accommodate up to 400 guests (standing), and offers a stage, microphone, and projector. (Discover More)


4. The Royal Albatross

For a truly unconventional and memorable experience (and if you have a very generous budget), have prom aboard The Royal Albatross. You’d be able to enjoy the scenic view of the South China Sea under the stars, while enjoying the cool sea breeze on the deck. This beautiful luxury yacht can fit up to 300 guests (standing), and has a stage and numerous TV screens on its lower deck. (Discover More)


5. Pit Building

Yes, this is the Pit Building where the Formula One Night Race is held! During non-race periods, this unique space is available for rent. It is split into 13 areas – 9 of them on the second and third floor, and 4 garages on the ground floor, and can fit 400 standing/200 seated guests. The empty and spacious venue also means that there is plenty of room for creativity – you could hire a DJ, have a temporary stage for live performances, or even have pop-up food stalls. If you are already brainstorming for ideas, perhaps this is the venue for you. (Discover More)

Unconventional-prom-venues-venuerific-blog-F1-Pit-BuildingUnconventional-prom-venues-venuerific-blog-F1-Pit-Building-huge-space (Photo credits to eventsinfo-mb)Unconventional-prom-venues-venuerific-blog-F1-Pit-Building-clothing-sales (Photo credits to Singapore Magazine Online)

6. The Star Gallery

Conveniently located right next to Buona Vista MRT Station, The Star Gallery has a 770 sqm multi-purpose hall that can be easily adapted to suit your event as it can be partitioned into 5 individual rooms. Each room can accommodate about 140 to 170 guests, and is fully equipped with professional audio-visual systems. Other amenities include a stage, microphones, a projector screen and wifi. (Discover More)


7. The Star Loft

Situated in the same building, The Star Loft is found at the peak of The Star Performing Arts Centre with a private and luxurious roof terrace. It offers a picturesque view of the one-north district, a great background to complement the photos taken during prom night. It has a smaller capacity of 144 guests, when seated in a theatre-seating arrangement, and might be more suitable for schools expecting a lower turnout. (Discover More)


8. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Unlike the usual enclosed hotel ballroom, the ballrooms at Sofitel are surrounded with full-length glass windows to allow natural daylight. Be prepared to be rewarded with a gorgeous panoramic view of the South China Sea! Instead of a prom night, perhaps having prom in the day would be a better alternative to maximize your experience at this space. With a capacity of 280 guests for the Straits Ballroom and 170 guests for the Saffron Ballroom, Sofitel is an ideal location for an unforgettable prom experience. (Discover More)


9. The Pump Room

A microbrewery, bistro and a bar with a live band – The Pump Room is located at the heart of Clarke Quay, right next to the Central Fountain Square. It sets itself apart by offering freshly brewed beer and delicious Australian items such as crispy pork knuckle and duck confit. It has a maximum capacity of 500 (standing), and offers the necessary amenities required for an exciting line-up of events – a stage, microphones and a projector. (Discover More)


10. Mambo Beach Club

Have your graduation party away from the clutter of urban buildings right next to the beach. You will possibly the first in Singapore, but why not? Situated in Siloso Beach, Mambo Beach Club is a gorgeous venue with a capacity of up to 5000 guests. Moreover, the numerous communal spaces found around the area provide a perfect setting to start conversations with schoolmates whom you’ve seen around, but haven’t had the chance to befriend. (Discover More)


11. Chijmes

Originally designed and used as a Catholic convent for over 130 years, Chijmes Hall today is now home to many restaurants and bars. One of the most beautiful restored spaces in Singapore, Chijmes is a popular location for outdoor weddings, engagement receptions and corporate events. It is also very accessible, as it is situated between Bugis and City Hall MRT Station. Its garden lawn has a maximum capacity of 300 sitting/500 standing, and you may cater your food from any of the restaurants found in Chijmes (or even create a personal menu by catering from different restaurants). (Discover More)

Unconventional-prom-venues-venuerific-blog-CHIJMESUnconventional-prom-venues-venuerific-blog-CHIJMES-lawn (Photo credits to Chijmes)

12. Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

Founded in 1826, the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club is the oldest yacht club in Asia with 190 years of heritage. It is located in the southwestern part of Singapore and allows for 300 guests (sitting), perfect for a grand alfresco prom party by the sea! (Discover More)


13. ANDSOFORTH – The Runway

Located at Lorong Ampas, ANDSOFORTH is a versatile space that offers event hire services. Rather than having to do all the detailed planning yourself, you can trust the experienced team at ANDSOFORTH. The talented team consists of a set designer, a Creative Director, chefs and kitchen staff, technical staff, a team of actors and even bartenders! With a maximum capacity of 200 standing/104 sitting, this venue is suitable for schools that are expecting a low turnout for an intimate experience. (Discover More)


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