Too-Good-To-Be-True Singapore Hotspots for Vegetarians This Summer 2018!

Thank Goodness, the days where veggies being served up a boring salad and a plate of tasteless tofu substituting everything, are long gone. Despite your reasons for seeking out fresh, organic and meat-free meals being for health, for religious reasons, or in the deep concerns of animals and our planet’s wellbeing, there are plenty of options to keep your belly happy & full here in Singapore. Introducing our selection of Too-Good-To-Be-True Vegetarian Hotspots in Singapore This Summer 2018!

Cheap & Affordable Vegetarian

1. Avorush

Location: #02-23 Asia Square Tower 2, 12 Marina View, 018961

Venuerific grade: ????

MUST-try: Vegan Stack Avocado Toast

If you are a big avocado lover, you will definitely fall for this place. Avorush serves avocado everything, reinventing the concept of classic avocado dishes. Freshly smashed avocados, organic good-for-you toppings all over sourdough bread from the world-famous bakery of Maison Kaser… They definitely know how to serve champion breakfast! Besides offering over 10 different variations of avocado toasts and DIY avo-bowls, they also make delicious and healthy desserts. Head to Avorush for that perfect guilt-free Brunch with your friends you have always dreamt about!

Vegan Stack Avocado Toast

2. Fill-a-Pita

Location: 3 Pickering Street, #01-29 Nankin Row, China Square Central, 048660

Venuerific grade: ???

MUST-try: Fava Bean Pita

Cut out your eggs, milk and butter, but craving some Middle Eastern goodness? Fill-a-Pita’s convenient and affordable menu is 100% vegetarian and 100% halal! Take their best-selling falafels or a filling of your choice to be stuffed into the savoury pita (Arabic) bread. Alternatively, take a side of a salad and freshly handmade regular or coriander hummus – both thick and creamy, just like you love it… Yum!

Fava Bean Pita

3. Komala Vilas Restaurant

Location: 76-78 Serangoon Rd, Little India, Singapore 217981

Venuerific grade: ?????

MUST-try: Dosai Meal

Tickle your sensations with a splendid blend of flavours, colours, aromas and taste in this vegetarian restaurant, specialising in South Indian cuisine but also offering North Indian options. The history of this place dates all the way back to 1947, which makes Komala Vilas one of Singapore’s oldest Indian vegetarian restaurants. Their spicy and creamy gravies with fresh-out the oven naans not only will nourish your body, but also bring balance to your life. This place is truly the closest to India you can get from Singapore!

Dosai Meal

Mid-end Vegetarian

 4. Grain Traders

Location: 138 Market Street Capitagreen | Capita Green Building 01-01/2/3Singapore 048946

Venuerific grade: ???

MUST-try: Carrot, Caramelised Fennel and Onion Salad

If you like your meal bursting with all colours of the rainbow and an overwhelming variety of fresh taste – this cosy and spacious salad bar is your go-to! Build yourself a good hearty meal bowl from a wide range of grains, organic proteins (with vegetarian-friendly choices), freshly cut and/or roasted veggies, and don’t forget about their speciality dressing! They are also known in the city for their A-star quality coffee and non-lactose coffee drinks. Fast, healthy and tasty – what can be better?

Carrot, Caramelised Fennel and Onion Salad

 5. Atmastel

Location: South Beach Avenue, 26 Beach Road #B1-22, 189768

Venuerific grade: ????

MUST-try: Zucca e Caprino (Pumpkin Pizza)

First, this Italian restaurant in South Beach will please your eyes with its gorgeous floristic design. Then, it will conquer your heart with its hospitable service and satisfy your stomach with its flavorous food. The authentic Italian menu features a wide selection for the customers with the plant-based diet. Treat yourself with Atmastel pasta or pizza, topped with roasted veggies and ooey-gooey cheese. You deserve it! (Find out more!)

Zucca e Caprino (Pumpkin Pizza)

6. Elemen

Location: 9 Raffles Blvd, #01-75A/76 Millenia Walk, 039596

Venuerific grade: ?????

MUST-try: Wild Mushroom and White Truffle Pizza

Elemen is not just another vegetarian restaurant that substitutes tofu or gluten for everything. It will surprise you with their modern twist on Asian Fusion cuisine because of its close attention to serving looks, flavours and aromas. Elemen famous pizza has everybody in town drooling over! What’s quite interesting: most of their loyal customers are not even vegetarian. Yes, their food is THAT good it can totally transform even the preferences of the most hardcore meat-lover! 🙂

Wild Mushroom and White Truffle Pizza

7. VeganBurg

Location: 44 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419502

Venuerific grade: ?????

MUST-try: Rasa Sayang Burg (seasonal!)

VeganBurg, the world’s first 100% plant-based burger joint, was opened in 2010. Since then, it has inspired many people worldwide towards groundbreaking change in their diet! They have totally transformed the stereotypical preconceptions about what a burger is. Try some vegan imitations of patties, bacon, cheese, and creamy sauces – you won’t be able to tell the difference. Except that it’s so much better for your health and the planet 🙂 Only in San Francisco and Singapore!

Fun fact: Sir Paul McCartney called VeganBurg his favourite go-to place on “Meat-free Mondays”!

Rasa Sayang Burg

8. Plentyfull

Location: 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-79/80 Millenia Walk, 039596

Venuerific grade: ????

MUST-try: Pumpkin Gnocchi with Seasonal Vegetables

Although their menu is not fully vegetarian, they do have lots of meat-free options for you! This dual-concept restaurant with integrated patisserie and a petite gourmet aims to do all it takes to make you feel at home. Plentyfull’s menu is very diverse: from pastries fresh out of their bakery to nutritional bowls and loving wholesome plates for all diet preferences. Everything is made to order from scratch! Experience what healthy, honest cooking can be.

Also, Plentyfull is a very popular venue for all sorts of events! (Learn more about it)

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Seasonal Vegetables

Fine Dining Vegetarian


Location: #12-01 Orchard Central 181 Orchard Road Singapore 238896

Venuerific grade: ?????

MUST-try: Grill Summer Mushroom Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone

If you haven’t eaten at JOIE by Dozo yet, you haven’t fully lived. Located at the rooftop garden of Orchard Central, Joie will introduce you to their vision of contemporary vegetarian and vegan fine dining. This restaurant offers customizable six-course lunch or seven-course dinner. Each menu item, no matter what you choose, will blow your mind away.  Finger-licking food, inspired by the mixture of European and Japanese flavours + creative artistic delivery + cosy interior… You won’t want your heavenly meatless feast to ever end.

Grill Summer Mushroom Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone

9. Frunatic

Location: 390 Orchard Rd, B1-06, Singapore 238871

Venuerific grade: ???

MUST-try: Japanese Yam Noodles

Proclaimed the first fine-dining wellness restaurant in Singapore, Frunatic has a special approach to every customer. Their impressive menu sets were designed to combat diseases and improve your well-being. Satisfy your hunger in the unforgettable manner of high-end restaurants. Choose from digestive health, detox, sleep inducer, beauty and other therapeutic wellness sets and get excited to be served by the highest standards. (Find out more!)

Japanese Yam Noodles

11. JAAN

Location: 2 Stamford Road, Level 70, Equinox Complex, 178882

Venuerific grade: ?????

MUST-try: Pumpkin Canneloni

Dive into the sublime experience of dining in this Michelin-starred modern French restaurant, JAAN. Overlooking the gorgeous Marina Bay landscape, this famous, multi-award-winning fine dining establishment has conquered the hearts of many. The extensive menu, thoroughly co-created by several celebrity chefs from all parts of Europe, features a 5-course Vegetarian Set Menu named “Jardin Gourmand”. Eat your greens with the most luxurious treatment, and melt into the harmonious interplay of quality ingredients, each preserved true to nature’s perfection.

Pumpkin Cannelloni

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