Top Restaurants in Singapore You Must Try This Year

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As Singapore eases travel restrictions, the number of new restaurants popping up across the lion city constantly increases. With abundant dining options available, you will never run out of delicious grubs. 

If you are planning to dine somewhere you haven’t before, here are the top 10 new restaurants in Singapore that are worth checking out.

Top Restaurants in Singapore

1. Waa Cow! Yakiniku

New Restaurants in Singapore: Waa Cow! Yakiniku
Images from Waa Cow! Yakiniku

Waa Cow! Yakiniku is a grill-it-yourself restaurant that officially opened this September. It offers a wide selection of sauces to dip grilled meats such as chicken, pork, and beef cuts. Meats are not the only food that the restaurant offers! Above all, they also have sashimi platters, salads, and hot sides. For drinks, they have handcrafted gin and beer, along with sodas and juices.

The restaurant’s dining space has bright and colourful decor, giving vibrant, energetic, and youthful vibes. Indeed, diners here will enjoy experiential dining as they foster physical interaction and bonding in today’s digital world. 

Address: 1 Maju Ave, #02-10/11, myVillage, Singapore 556679

2. Yeast Side

New Restaurants in Singapore: Yeast Side
Images from Yeast Side

Yeast Side is a cafe bar specialising in sourdough bakes and exotic craft beers. After initially launching at King Albert Park, they have recently opened a branch at Farrer Park. The newly opened branch offers the same dishes. 

At their first outlet on King Albert Park, You can dine al fresco or sit in cosy chairs on their air-conditioned second floor. Go here if you enjoy a soothing and comfy atmosphere with natural sunlight and relaxing views. Visit the their second outlet at Farrer Park! From there, you can find a small and cosy space that the restaurant shares with Lyf Hotel.

Discover more about Yeast Side and book the restaurant via Venuerific!

Address: 9 King Albert Park, #01-09, Singapore 598332

3. Well Collective

New Restaurants in Singapore: Well Collective
Images from Well Collective

Launched this July, Well Collective features a family and pet-friendly environment with high-speed internet and comfy seats. If you want to get away from the busy cities of Singapore, travel to Punggol and make a short stop here. 

The contemporary modern restaurant serves as a cafe during the day and a pop-up diner during the evening. Its vegan and gluten-free menu consist of fresh bakes, acai bowls, speciality drinks, and more. The space, which can facilitate up to 100 pax, is an all-inclusive environment where you can dine with your pets. 

Address: Northshore Plaza II #02-11/12, 418 Northshore Drive, Singapore 820418

4. TianFang Pavilion – New Chinese Restaurants in Singapore

New Restaurants in Singapore: TianFang Pavilion
Images from TianFang Pavilion

TianFang Pavilion offers a unique Chaoshan-style hotpot experience, which is less spicy than the famous Sichuan hotpot. The recently opened restaurant is located near Chinatown MRT station. Without a doubt, you can enjoy an authentic gastronomic affair here!

The restaurant offers three types of soup bases and a host of meat cuts, seafood, and vegetables. Aside from that, it also provides various dipping sauces and fillings. Try their Sichuan dishes, such as their famous Chongqing-style noodles. Discover more about TianFang Pavilion!

Address: 269 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 088747

5. Restaurant Born

New Restaurants in Singapore: Restaurant Born
Images from Restaurant Born

Restaurant Born is one of the new interesting restaurants in Singapore. It is a fine-dining restaurant located in a heritage building that was a depot for rickshaws in 1903. The interiors consist of high glass ceilings with artwork by Peter Gentenaar, a Dutch artist. 

The 9-course seasonal menu of Contemporary cuisine was crafted by Chef Zor Tan. It features a combination of French gastronomy and Chinese ingredients and flavours. The menu is complemented with beverages such as:

  • Seasonal and perennial sakes
  • Crafted beers
  • Inspired cocktails
  • Exquisite juices and teas
  • Filter-style coffee
  • Regionally-sourced spirits are also offered.
Address: 1 Neil Rd, Singapore 088804
New Restaurants in Singapore: Barouv
Images from Barouv

6. Barouv

Barouv is a wine bar and grill that features inclusive cocktails, wines, and wood-fired grilled foods. Located at the heart of the lion city, this restaurant has a rooftop social space that oversees the skyline of the Central Business District. 

The rooftop bar can house up to 200 pax. It is spacious enough to host events such as corporate gatherings, social networking, and more. Book Barouv via Venuerific today!

Address: The Scarlet Singapore 33 Erskine Rd, Singapore 069333

7. Cultivate Cafe – New Vegan Restaurants in Singapore

New Restaurants in Singapore: Cultivate Cafe
Images from Cultivate Cafe

Set within Maxwell Reserve Hotel’s library, Cultivate Cafe is a vegan restaurant that offers nutritious lunches made with locally and globally sourced ingredients. The restaurant aims to serve and inspire a cultural shift towards plant-based, GMO-free, and gluten-free food.

The menu consists of pure vegan dishes particularly in mains, soups, and salads. They also have cakes, ice creams, and other dessert treats. Moreover, their coffee and pressed juices are made from the highest quality beans and fruits. Overall, Cultivate Cafe inspires a mindful and healthy heart, body, and soul!

Address: The Maxwell Reserve Hotel 2 Cook Street, Singapore 078857

8. Um Yeong Baek

Korean Restaurant: Um Yeong Baek
Images from Um Yeong Baek

The popular Korean restaurant, Um Yeong Baek, opened its first Singaporean flagship in Telok Ayer. In this case, it offers more than just the mainstream bibimbap, jjajangmyeon, and kimchi pancake! It specialises in Korean pork and rice soup as well as Korean barbeque. The soups are prepared without additives so you can taste the purest flavours from their ingredients.

Conveniently located in the CBD, Um Yeong Baek is open for reservations. Their pork and rice soups are only available during lunch. On the other hand, their Korean barbeque menu can only be served during dinner. 

Address: 27 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069623

9. Shikar – New Indian Restaurants in Singapore

Indian Restaurant: Shikar
Images from Shikar

Shikar is one of the best new Indian restaurants in Singapore that offers fine dining inspired by the grand old feasts of Indian Royals. Its menu consists of nostalgic Indian dishes that are crafted using global techniques and influences while maintaining traditional integrity.

The new restaurant’s Lunch Thali Menu features Shikar’s signature vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in an exclusive gourmet experience. Shikar also has a sterling programme of beverages such as wine, champagne, coffee, and tea. 

Address: The Maxwell Reserve Hotel 2 Cook Street, Singapore 078857

10. EN Grill & Bar

Japanese Restaurant: EN Grill & Bar
Images from EN Grill & Bar

EN Grill & Bar is one of the new must-try restaurants in Singapore if you want to enjoy Japanese foods. It offers grilled seafood, sashimi platters, and handmade sushis. The menu includes various rice wines and spirits, perfect for post-work drinks and dinner.

You can dine in their indoor lounge, outdoor bar, or communing dining area. Since the restaurant has an open-concept kitchen, so you can view the chefs as they skillfully grill the meat. Check out more information about EN Grill & Bar on Venuerific!

Address: 207 River Valley Road, UE Square #01-57, Singapore 238275

Try the new restaurants in Singapore today!

As shown above, you can always find something among the new restaurants to try in Singapore! For more of our recommended venues, check out the Top 7 Halal Event Spaces & Restaurants in Singapore this 2022.

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