What To Look For in a Hong Kong Coworking Space

Best Hong Kong coworking Space

When you’re located in a world-renowned business district, finding the bestHong Kong coworking space can be a trial-and-error. Sometimes, these event spaces don’t meet an office’s needs. Are there enough coffee machines to keep everyone up and awake? Are there meeting rooms for virtual and physical meetings? Is enough light getting through?

We’re here to remind you that wherever you’re looking—don’t give up! If there’s many event space rental in Singapore options, there will be a Hong Kong coworking space for anyone—a venue that aligns with each office’s location, amenities, and value preferences well. These are the Top 11 Things to Look For in a Hong Kong Coworking Space.

11 Things to Look for in a Hong Kong Coworking Space

Whiteboards, Other Office Amenities

hong kong coworking space amenities
Image from Shaw Creative Hub

The first thing you’re looking for in a Hong Kong coworking space should always be office amenities. Whiteboards, markers, storage facilities—even a studio, if you’re an agency—are amenities you should always be on the lookout for. 

A coworking space in Hong Kong that fits this box quite well is Shaw Creative Hub. With 11,000 sq ft and an open layout, this coworking space has everything you need; white boards, production rooms, podcasting rooms, event staff, a sound system, even a nap room!

Natural Light and Space

hong kong coworking space natural light with MyBASE
Image from MyBASE (MK)

Access to natural light makes for healthier workers, according to a study in Cornell University. What are healthier workers? People who experience an 84% drop in headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision. Because of this, it is only natural for you to want natural light and space in a Hong Kong coworking space. This goes especially if you’re expecting long arduous weeks ahead. 

Located in Mong Kok, MyBASE (MK)’s main feature is its floor-to-ceiling glass windows. This multipurpose coworking space in Hong Kong also has enough space to accommodate small-scale private events to quiet hot desks.


Coworking space newbies may be surprised to find out that communities are built from these venues as well. Many coworking spaces organize fun activities for their renters. These can be ways to network across offices as well.

A community can help employees through the good and bad days. Collaboration is key to any human effort—and since start-ups mostly take up coworking spaces, there are a lot of benefits to working together. This can be the road to new budget opportunities, new ideas, and most importantly: new sets of friends.

Good Internet

hong kong coworking space good internet
Image from Commons Workshop

Need we say more? Coworking may keep offices together, but it is not uncommon to have offices with employees from all over the world. Moreover, most meetings and talks are done online now—with the rising popularity of hybrid events. Wifi is to offices as air is to humans. 

Trained in hosting a variety of events—product launches and networking events, for example—the Commons Workshop consistently provides stable wifi. Beyond this, Commons Workshop is also a one-stop event service and arrangement venue. It is easily accessible to anyone in the city—located at the heart of the Central Business District.


hong kong coworking space banyan workspace sustainability
Image from Banyan Workspace

More and more businesses are making a conscious effort to be more eco-friendly, and Hong Kong coworking spaces should follow suit. Why? A degraded environment is simply bad for business—resources, markets, and longevity will be severely affected if businesses do not make a stand now. 

In light of this, Banyan Workspace—located in Quarry Bay—is launching the Green Office Project. Recognised as the country’s most eco-friendly and socially-conscious coworking space, Banyan knows the importance of championing sustainability. 

Efforts made by Banyan Workspace include setting the air conditioning to 24°C (which uses approx. 36% less electricity than an 18°C); supporting local renewable energy development through HK Electric; and recycling over 10 kg of plastic, 26.5 kg of food waste, and 13.1 kg of paper in 2021. 

Lauded with a renewable energy certificate, Banyan Workspace is focused on getting more companies on board through their programs. This sustainable venue in Hong Kong is becoming more than just a Hong Kong coworking space; it is a social movement, made possible through education workshops and community collaboration. 

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