Unique Wedding Favours Inspiration 2021

Make your special day memorable for your guests and loved ones with a set of unique wedding favours. They’ll look back and remember you and your day, and you’ll be satisfied knowing that your wedding day was successful. Discover the list of Unique Wedding Favours Inspiration on Venuerific!

1. Give Back to Your Community

Make your wedding favour something that gives back to your community. Donate to a charity of your choice or something meaningful to your wedding on behalf of your guests. In return, give them something from that charity! 

For example (animal lovers, this is for for you!), you can adopt Endangered animals from WWF with a one time or recurring donation, and in return, they will send you a stuff toy version of the adopted animal, as well as a merchandise information pack about the animal’s well-being and progress! You can leave it to your guests to decide if they would like to continue their adoption after your donation 🥰.

2. Customised Candles

Customise candles to the scent that’s most reminiscent of your wedding! Get them in funky shapes and sizes, or embed the guest’s names on them. There’s a lot of possibilities and everyone loves a good candle to spruce up their house decor. It’s something that won’t collect dust and will be appreciated by all- and make your wedding memorable with the familiar scent 🌟.

If you love this idea, check out these Singapore based businesses!


Bringing a different kind of “light”, Innerfyre products are carefully crafted to give a burning, inner purpose to its scent — whether it’s to remind us of our own awesomeness, offer personal and loving messages, or transport us to the destinations we’ve always been dreaming of. At Innerfyre, their scents are made from 100% essential oils, so you’re not only giving scent to your home, but also receiving the benefits of aromatherapy. Scent has a powerful effect on emotions, and it is their goal to help bring more serenity, joy, and self-acceptance into the world, one candle at a time.

If you’re thinking of a meaningful and unique wedding favor, Innerfyre’s Affirmation Crystal Candle would make the perfect gift! Here are 3 of their most popular affirmation candles!

I AM BLESSED Affirmation Crystal Candle

I AM BEAUTIFUL Affirmation Crystal Candle

I AM LOVED Affirmation Crystal Candle 

Photo Credits to Innerfyre Co.

Contact: partnerships@innerfyre.co 
Website: https://innerfyre.co/ 
Socials: Instagram | Facebook

H&G Lifestyles

H&G Lifestyles offers Aromatherapy Candles and Scents with products ranging from Candles, Aroma Oils, Room Sprays to Gifts Sets. 

If you’re looking to customise candles for your guests, H&G Lifestyles is great for you! Check out their Corporate & Wedding Gifts and Gift Sets!

Contact: E: cs@hglifestyles.com | P: 8852 9892
Website: https://www.hglifestyles.com/
Socials: Instagram | Facebook 

Nine Wicker Ave.

Nine Wicker Ave. produces Soy Candles in small batches with their own unique scents, botanicals and gemstones! Aside from Candles, Nine Wicker Ave. also Pillow Mists, Essential Oils and Gift Sets. 

Here are some of Nine Wicker Ave. Candles that would definitely be a unique wedding favour!

Alice In Wonderland Candle 

To The Moon & Back Candle

Candle + Pillow Mist Gift Set

Photo Credits to Nine Wicker Ave

Contact: E: hello@ninewickerave.co
Website: https://ninewickerave.co/
Socials: Instagram | Facebook 

3. Plants

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