Ultimate List of Small Wedding Venue KL Choices 2023/2024

man and woman smiling at each other in an arched reception

Kuala Lumpur offers so many options for a beautiful, moving wedding. From charming gardens to elegant bungalows and modern event spaces, we’ve carefully curated a list of top-notch venues that excel in small wedding venue KL choice. Join us as we explore these remarkable venues, showcasing their features, locations, and everything you need to know to make an informed decision. 

Get ready to be inspired and find the ideal small wedding venue in Kuala Lumpur that perfectly captures the essence of your love story. Let’s dive in and embark on this exciting journey together!

1. Brickhouse

indoor wedding venue with a view of trees and lush greenery
Images from Brickhouse

Brick House Group has become KL’s top events and catering company for intimate and lavish weddings. Their chain of Insta-worthy cafes and restaurants, have a distinct style in ambiance and food. With a passionate and dedicated team, Brick House strives for perfection. Currently, the Brick House family boasts over 10 establishments, including the Daun & Pokok.

Experience the enchantment of hosting your event at our glasshouse café, where you’ll be immersed in nature with uninterrupted views through the glass panels. Perfect for a small wedding venue KL, even during rainy days—check out Brickhouse!

2. A Space @ Ativo

indoor space with long tables and second floor and a make-up room

Images from A Space @ Ativo

A Space @ Ativo, a subsidiary managed by 3 Point 1, is a well-located event space. Located at Ativo Plaza, Bandar Sri Damansara, they have a dedicated team that delivers creative, modern events. For weddings, this space can be transformed into a creative’s dream intimate celebration. Transform your wedding into a sleek, indoor affair with this venue. Its features include romantic high ceilings and a production space of its own.

Book A Space @ Ativo on Venuerific now!

3. B’york KL

b'york wedding space and tables and chairs
Images from B’york KL

B’york KL offers a serene and refined atmosphere, making it an ideal venue for hosting small weddings and various celebrations. Its available spaces are designed to accommodate and cater to all types of events. Managed by an experienced and talented team, who were the masterminds behind Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur and its prestigious events, we ensure impeccable event management. Their new space incorporates the beauty of nature, with lush greenery, making it perfect for creating an elegant oasis in a small wedding venue KL.

Enquire at B’york KL through Venuerific to make your lush intimate wedding come true!

4. Rooftop at Armenian Street Heritage Hotel

outdoor event space and rooftop bar area
Images from Rooftop at Armenian Street Heritage Hotel

The Rooftop at Armenian Street Heritage Hotel transforms your intimate celebration in a small wedding venue KL into reality. With a stunning Function area and a panoramic 360° view, this small wedding venue KL offers the best views in the area. Get married while overlooking the charming Georgetown heritage town, which offers a quaint, charming day.

If you want an intimate celebration with friends and family, The Rooftop at Armenian Street Heritage Hotel also offers its own BBQ area and other flexible amenities. You can create a perfect ambiance at the Rooftop at Armenian Street Heritage Hotel!

5. The Godown

the godown indoor wedding space and a woman in a garden
Images from The Godown