Team Building Activities You Can Do at These Places in Hong Kong

Team building activity in hong kong

No matter what the impact is, a lot of people may don’t like the idea of team building activities. However, if we can create a team building event that is not boring, it could lift everyone’s spirit and definitely make them have a great time. From a cozy room to a classy room, here is a list of best places where you can create a fun, impactful, and successful team building event in Hong Kong.

1. Arts & Crafts at Commons Workshops 🧶

spacious coworking space for events

Image credit to Commons Workshops

people doing arts and crafts as a team building activity

Image credits to Hillary Ungson

Whether it’s for a large multinational corporation or a small start-up company, Commons Workshops is suitable for any kind of team building activity in Hong Kong. With a spacious and versatile space, you could hold an arts and crafts competition or group painting session to get everyone’s creativity going. This would be a perfect refreshment especially after a long mundane week of seating at the desk! Check out Commons Workshops now!

Address: 353 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Capacity: Up to 150 peopel

2. Games at Garage Society 🎭

comfortable coworking space

Image credit to Garage Society

group of people having a conversation at team building event

Image Credit to Akson

Garage Society is a comfortable and versatile coworking space located in numerous areas in Hong Kong. This space is perfect for simple and easy team building activities. You can gather with your colleagues and play some games such as office trivia, storytelling, back-to-back drawing, guess the object, and more! Spending a relaxing and fun time with your colleagues will help everyone get to know each other and liven up their spirit! Discover more about Garage Society!

Address: 25F & 26F, 2, 12 Queen's Rd W, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Capacity: Up to 70 people

3. Outdoor Activity at The Mira Hong Kong 🏐

lush outdoor event space

Image credit to The Mira Hong Kong

tug of war for outdoor team building activity

Image credit to RODNAE Productions

If you’re looking for an easy outdoor team building activity in Hong Kong, The Mira is perfect for you! Come up with outdoor games such as tug of war, scavenger hunt, tied together challenge, and let everyone have fun while also bond over problem solving activities! You even end the day with a rewarding BBQ party in the evening! Not only will this kind of activity be beneficial for the team, but also will be an unforgettable memory for them. Discover more about The Mira!

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